About ZOE

What makes ZOE different from other local studios are the intimate classes designed to ensure that students have adequate space and individualized attention while learning about their own unique physical architecture. The ZOE approach is to adapt yoga to fit each student’s specific needs to create a more structurally balanced body, preventing injury and degeneration over a lifetime.

The Way Out of Pain

All pain comes from a dysfunctional movement pattern. These patterns can be with us from birth or learned through time. Sometimes movement dysfunction happens when there is an injury to the body or surgery. Whether you’re dealing with back pain, joint pain, scoliosis, recovery from an injury, the ZOE approach will work for you.

Alignment Based Yoga

Alignment based yoga is a classical method influenced by Iyengar yoga that uses logical sequencing to teach correct actions and intricacies of asana (postures) with an emphasis on student safety. Each class builds upon the next, giving students a link to understanding the poses, how they fit together, and tools necessary to advance to the next level and develop a home practice.

Client Testimonials

I debated for quite some time about starting yoga. I get pretty self-conscious and don’t like to look like an idiot. ZOE Yoga Lifestyle was on my very short list of possibilities, and what put it over the edge was the intimate classes and individualized attention noted on the website. I took the plunge finally and signed up for a set of private classes. I couldn’t be more glad I did! Dina is amazing. She’s patient, but not a push-over. She’s humble and very knowledgeable about her practice. She is observant and can recognize the areas that need the most work, and can explain why and how the troublesome areas are affecting you the way they are. She’s a great teacher and has helped me become very aware of my body, how I hold myself, and how to catch and correct myself. I used to have chronic shoulder and back tension for years, and I’ve just realized that I haven’t experienced that since I began working with Dina!!! Dina has also helped me recognize how tensely I always held myself and given me the key to turning that off. I think this is real yoga, how it was meant to be. It will be a lifelong practice to master the art, and I am grateful that Dina has helped me begin this journey! I couldn’t recommend her more highly!!!- Gerri Cox

I was the MOST surprised person when my MD told me I needed Yoga to prevent further racquetball injuries. But he was right, and Zoe Lifestyle under Dina is all I needed. The stretching is strengthening muscles I was not using. No more injuries. I see her one-on-one for continued training.
I never expected to get into yoga. i never thought it was worth the time. but i hurt my back pretty bad a couple years ago. i tried a chiropractor for several months with inconsistent results. my friend suggested this yoga alignment class. out of sheer desperation i tried it, and to my surprise, my back issues were fixed within 3 months. and i was hooked. it's been 2 years now, and i am still learning. it's still challenging.
Dina is a true healer in every sense of the word..a uniquely talented compassionate life instructor..we are lucky to have her here..
I've been practicing yoga for a little over 2 1/2years to help center me and help keep my alcoholism at bay. I went from studio to studio going thru the motions but not really connecting to or understanding my practice. I happened across a restorative yoga workshop guided by Dina and she has been my teacher ever since! Although Iyengar, the method of yoga taught at Zoe, doesn't appear to have the gracefulness of vinyasa but it's grace lies in its stillness and strength. Dina told me "give me 6 months, this practice will change you".Dina's knowledge of yoga is only eclipsed by her passion to share her knowledge. The Iyengar method and practice doesn't start and finish with a class, it starts the moment you show up for your first class and it never ends! Dina will guide and help you develop your own practice thru her enthusiasm and care for her students because ultimately it's your body your practice.After 9 months of practicing with Dina, she was right it changed me. I've become freer in my everyday movements and think and hope I've become more centered?!! If you are earnest in your journey into yoga and willing to work, then attend a few classes at Zoe and see why I and others are proud to call Dina their teacher.

Patricia Casanas
I am currently 32 weeks pregnant and started going to Zoe Yoga toward the end of my second trimester when I started suffering from extreme piriformis muscle and sciatic nerve pain. Literally, after my first session with Dina, the pain began to dissipate. She is helping me focus on my alignment (especially hip), which has definitely shifted a bit during pregnancy, as well as loosening up other areas, i.e. hamstrings and mid back. I thought I had a decent understanding of the various yoga positions and proper form prior to going to Zoe; however, Dina has really educated me and increased not only my knowledge of the practice but also the benefits gained.
Dina is the best instructor in the Tampa area. She's the only one I trust sending my patients to for proper yoga instruction.

- Dr. Lambert Upper Cervical Doctor
Relaxing, calming and perfect setting for class and private sessions. My body is returning to its center and its a beautiful thing, Dina is a wonderful instructor.
I have scoliosis and have had hip pain for years. I have been treating with chiropractic and neuromuscular therapy for a number of years. After 3 private sessions with Dina, my hip pain is gone! I am going to continue with Dina and look forward to moving into her regular classes, too..She is gifted!! I highly recommend Dina.
I began at Zoe Yoga Lifestyle February 2015. At that time I could only dance one or two dances without hurting and huffing & puffing. After beginning class every other week and progressing within 6 months or so to once or twice weekly. I danced nearly every dance at my niece's wedding this past October 2015 without huffing and doing moves I haven't done in years. My posture and breathing have improved. My back is much stronger, with much less pain and more range of movement. I highly recommend Dina as an instructor. She knows what she is doing. Try her as your Yoga instructor for yourself. I'm sure you will benefit too.
If you are looking for a way to really learn about how your body works, safely practice yoga or find a way out of pain through yoga than this Iyengar/aligment based yoga studio is where you need to be! Dina Georgoulis has created a haven of learning and growth mindfully lead by herself, Tricia Amheiser and Bhavi. Their attention to detail and knowledge of postures, alignment, anatomy, physiology and resourcefulness feeds me as both a student of yoga and a yoga teacher. Come to work on you, get out of pain, learn about your body and as a result live a better life. I cannot recommend Dina, Tricia and the lovely space of Zoe enough!!!!
Zoe Yoga Lifestyle is a great place for Iyengar, alignment based yoga. Dina has been my teacher for over a year now and I have learned so much from her and she has really helped by body in terms of proper alignment and flexibility. I will continue to keep attending her classes and encourage others to do the same.
The difference between Iyengar yoga at Zoe compared to the few other yoga classes I have taken in the past is profound and amazing. I suffered a serious injury 15 years ago, and took some classes thinking that yoga might improve the balance problems I had because of those injuries. While they did help a little, what Dina has been able to teach me in my on-going efforts to improve my balance and continue to regain strength and flexibility has made a noticeable difference. And the Zoe Yoga space is absolutely wonderful.
I have been working with Dina off and on for a little more than a year.  She’s tough, but she has helped me ways I never thought possible.  I’ve improved my posture, improved my balance, gained strength and endurance  - who would have thought Yoga could do all that in just a year’s time?  Dina is a perfectionist.  She wants every pose done properly and cares enough to walk around and give everyone personal attention.  She pushes me to my edge and then a little more.  You have to “want” to improve to practice with Dina.  It’s not just going through the motions of Yoga, it’s learning, it’s retraining your body and it’s seeing results.  I’m an avid fan of her techniques, teachings and commitment.
Dina was recommended to me as I began my yoga journey in March 2009 and she has guided me since. Her shared knowledge has realigned my body to its correct state. After 50 years of rolling my feet outward I now stand on all 4 points of my feet allowing my legs (and the rest of my body) to have correct alignment and posture. Dina is a caring, compassionate yogini whose purpose to help others is a true blessing to the yoga community. She has very strong roots to the Iyengar tradition of teaching style and a deep belief in yoga’s true meaning. I have been blessed to be sharing her path.
It has been a pleasure working privately with Dina on my yoga practice. I came to Dina looking to address the issues of scoliosis, back and neck pain. But I feel like we have done much more than I originally intended. My plan was to combine yoga with rolfing and chiropractic adjustments to manage the pain. Now I rarely experience any pain and I feel SO much better. I feel that we have made a lot of progress in a short amount of time. We have met once per week for about 2 months.  I feel that my body has changed drastically. I have better posture and stand with my shoulders back, rather than hunched forward. We have been working together on lengthening and strengthening specific areas of my back. Dina listened well to my concerns and helped me to tailor a sequence of poses to address my individual needs. We take our time with understanding each pose and how it fits into the other poses we do during the session. She also challenges me but doesn’t push me past my limits when I start to get tired. She has treated with me with the utmost respect as a student. I highly recommend her as a teacher for private lessons.
I am of the baby boom generation that never saw the need to stretch. I have participated everything from handball to running marathons and everything in between. Competitive sports has been my thing and decades of total disregard for the need to remain flexible. Now I am paying the price. Years of a back issue has curtailed all competitive sports..and constant pain until I met Dina .She has very unique and specific rehab techniques that has turned my life around in short order. Before working with Dina I tried everything short of surgery with no success… but in just a few months I am pain free and getting stronger by the day. Dina has a talent for identifying and strengthening areas of the body that dramatically improve well being. For me it has been a life changer.
I suffered from back pain for as long as I can remember.  I didn't realize how much pain I was living with until I started working with Dina.  Within two sessions I felt remarkably better.  After four sessions I was off Advil completely for the first time in 15 years.  I am able to work out now without pain, I've lost weight, gained strength, and can play with my kids on the floor for hours at a time.  She is a miracle worker!  I recommend her to anyone living with back pain.  It can get better!
When I attended Dina’s class one Friday night, two things happened: she read a Mary Oliver Poem, and I wept in class from my pain. My attendance there that night was part of my new year’s plan to try yoga. My shoulder hurt so much and had done so for so long that my other forms of exercise had been curtailed.Dina saw my tears and stopped quietly and said: “ I can help you.” The voice inside of me said: “nothing can help me.”But sometimes giving up is a good thing, and I had tried physical therapy, massage, injections, and personal trainers. They all helped, but I was still in pain.Seeing Dina for restorative yoga sessions has placed my progress over the top, so that my pain is now manageable and I have been able to reduce my medications.
I have been working with Dina off and on for a little more than a year.  She’s tough, but she has helped me ways I never thought possible.  I’ve improved my posture, improved my balance, gained strength and endurance  - who would have thought Yoga could do all that in just a year’s time.  Dina is a perfectionist.  She wants every pose done properly and cares enough to walk around and give everyone personal attention.  She pushes me to my edge and then a little more.  You have to “want” to improve to practice with Dina.  It’s not just going through the motions of Yoga, it’s learning, it’s retraining your body and it’s seeing results.  I’m an avid fan of her techniques, teachings and commitment.
I am so thankful to Dina and all the help she has given me in dealing with my lower back pain. She studied the way I stood and broke down movements to determine what exactly my issues were. After just one session, I had so much relief with constant pain I felt and now after a few more, I am automatically more aligned. Dina’s knowledge of yoga and how if used properly can create wholeness in the way the body moves and functions. It is without question that her work has been so valuable in my recovery.

About Dina

Dina Georgoulis is the owner and sole proprietor of ZOE Yoga Lifestyle. She is a 500-hour certified Yoga Teacher and a functional movement re-educator, writer and artist. She specializes in yoga for scoliosis, general back pain, injury rehab, posture strengthening and the creation of a stronger, more mobile and injury resistant physique. Dina teaches group classes locally in Tampa as well as private sessions, semi-private sessions, workshops and yoga retreats.

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