Coronavirus has been in existence since the sixties.

Many viruses have come and gone and weaken out and the medical authorities are no longer paying attention to them and testing for their existence.

Do we make a vaccine for every virus? Will we ever have a vaccine for each virus and lethal bacteria that exists?

How about turning the tables and working on strengthening our immune system? One by one starting WITH EACH INDIVIDUAL, and then we will receive “herd immunity.” (Look it up)

Your best defense against Coronavirus and other viruses is strengthening your immune system BEFORE YOU GET EXPOSED.

The following list are suggested Natural Immune Support Remedies, you can take several at a time:

1.) Vitamin D is our strongest defense against all types of immune problems

Check your blood level and make sure it is optimum, around 60-70. Everybody should be supplementing with this vitamin, due to the many environmental toxins like chlorine and fluoride interfering with the absorption of vitamin D. Liposomal sources work best.

2.) Elderberry Extract or Sambuguard (my holistic docs favorite!)

These supplements have stood the test of time and can paralyze any virus, so your immune system can mobilize your white blood cells, which in turn break down the virus. You really cannot get too much of elderberry, as it is just a berry with astonishing medicinal properties.

3.) Vitamin C in high doses

Stay away from ascorbic acid, a GMO (corn) derived substance. There are better forms of Vitamin C, like bioflavonoids which are made from fruits and berries. Vitamin C is a mild and super potent powdered form of Vitamin C 4000 mg per teaspoon. When needed you can dose up to bowel tolerance. It’s a potent infection fighter, as Dr. Linus Pauling had discovered years ago. Take an occasional Vitamin C Infusion, for immune strengthening.

4.) Oscillococcinum

Is recommended at the onset of a virus, especially flu like viruses. At the slightest runny, itchy nose, sneezing, scratchy throat, this remedy can be miraculous! Can be found in Whole Foods, Sprouts, and any local health food store.

5.) Iodine

Most people are deficient in it. It has strong anti microbial properties. No organisms can survive the presence of Iodine. Dr David Browstein (author of 15 books) recommends it to all his patients. Found in seaweed and can be a great source from baked seaweed sheets which are found in health food stores. They make great healthy snacks!

6.) Essential Oils

Some have antimicrobial properties, especially Frankincense, myrrh, cinnamon, cloves, eucalyptus and other aromatic oils. Thieves oil is a most popular oil by Young Living Essential Oils that can be applied topically diluted under the nostrils, wrists of hands or under toes. Essential Oils can be diffused with you or in your pocketbook wherever you go. (Ask Dina how you can purchase a bottle of thieves oil from her!)

7.) Propolis & Echinacea

Are our favorite natural antibiotics and antivirals. They have been used for centuries and are the best antimicrobial medicine all over Europe and other countries. Everyone should have this in their medicine cabinet! Propolis is the waxy substance on the honeycomb, you will never see a fungus growing on a honeycomb! (Find liquid tinctures for potency and use as directed.)

8.) Herbs that exhibit antiviral and anti bacterial properties

Such as Una de Gato (cats claw), liquorice Fulvic Acid, garlic, (very potent! Eat it raw!), oregano oil, olive leaf extract or tea, St John’s Wort, Ginger, Oregano, Tumeric or Curcumin.

9.) Minerals

Zinc, Manganese, Trace Minerals, Copper & Silver are immune support systems.

10.) Hydrosol (not colloidal) silver

It has antimicrobial properties and can be used as a topical disinfectant as well. Keep a spray bottle on hand when you do not have access to soap and water.

11.) Wobenzym

A European favorite. An enzyme that has the ability to destroy the cloak on a virus and can digest all denatured proteins that do not belong in our bodies. I call it “Pac man enzyme.” Can be found as a pill supplement in health food stores.

12.) Thymus

Consider supporting your thymus with a thymus glandular or thymus peptides.

13.) Bamboo Extract

This is highly recommended by Dr. Chi as it has antimicrobial properties and protects your lungs from all types of infections. Suggested dose is 3 caps per day in the morning throughout the flu season.

For your Diet

Avoid sugar, if causes systemic inflammation and feeds cancer cells, fungi, viruses, parasites, etc. Eat high quality organic foods. Drink herbal teas such as chamomile, green tea, etc. Eat organic berries, they contain antioxidants, Vitamin C, and polyphenols, (they strengthen the mucus membranes) including nasal and respiratory cavities. Make sure you have probiotic cultures, such as raw yogurt (not cow & with NO SUGAR), kefir, sauerkraut or kimchi. This keeps your colon healthy, AS ALL DISEASE begins in the colon!

Nurture this type of diet & Lifestyle you do NOT have to worry about viruses or diseases. You are armored to destroy any uninvited host!

Written by Mojka Renauld Doctor of Oriental Medicine & Clinical Nutritionist.

Revised by Dina Georgoulis, owner of ZOE Yoga Lifestyle and 16 year patient of Mojka’s! Living a holistic lifestyle is preventative medicine at its finest!