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Testimonial 17

I’ve been practicing yoga for a little over 2 1/2years to help center me and help keep my alcoholism at bay. I went from studio to studio going thru the motions but not really connecting to or understanding my practice. I happened across a restorative yoga...

Testimonial 16

I am currently 32 weeks pregnant and started going to Zoe Yoga toward the end of my second trimester when I started suffering from extreme piriformis muscle and sciatic nerve pain. Literally, after my first session with Dina, the pain began to dissipate. She is...

Testimonial 15

Dina is the best instructor in the Tampa area. She’s the only one I trust sending my patients to for proper yoga instruction. – Dr. Lambert Upper Cervical Doctor

Testimonial 14

Relaxing, calming and perfect setting for class and private sessions. My body is returning to its center and its a beautiful thing, Dina is a wonderful instructor.

Testimonial 13

I have scoliosis and have had hip pain for years. I have been treating with chiropractic and neuromuscular therapy for a number of years. After 3 private sessions with Dina, my hip pain is gone! I am going to continue with Dina and look forward to moving into her...