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Travel Deeper – Florida Mini Retreats

We all still need vacations!

While my Greece & Italy retreats remain on hold until the world rights itself, I became inspired to create something at home in Florida. My long-weekend mini retreats are the product of this inspiration and make the perfect getaway. Afterall, we still need vacations! And perhaps now more than ever! 

I love to create authentic communing experiences for those who are ready to take a break in nature and immerse themselves in the study of inner and outer exploration of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness practices.

I love my host. Having all the little touches (which have a big impact) prepared along with so many snack and breakfast foods along with the surprise gifts at the end lent a luxurious touch to the experience. I especially loved the candlelight restoration yoga sessions. The villa location was the best of both worlds (‘jungle’ and beach). There were many activities in the experience, but it all had a natural flow to it, thus it wasn’t ‘forced’ or ‘packed/hurried’. I still feel the restorative effect today! I am seriously impressed!!!

I liked that the retreat was within 2 hrs drive from Tampa, the length of stay was perfect for a short get-away. I appreciate that Dina offered extended check in/check out times. There was time to do things on your own, but I also loved the group dinner Sunday night. The house itself was perfect, great location in regards to proximity to beach and restaurants, location was also quiet at night (and during the day).

Enjoy the tropical tranquility of natural Florida.

I love the tropical oasis of Florida and am excited to create a wonderful long weekend of bliss with those who feel it’s calling them! Each retreat is near a beach, or at least, immersed in nature.

About the relaxing retreat and space.

Your days are free to venture out, chill at the beach, or enjoy the retreat home, as you wish. Relaxation is a superpower and a gift to yourself.  Each villa is rented purposefully to accommodate 4-8 participants and have plenty of space for relaxing alone or with the group.

Free time is done purposely to encourage down time and relaxation. However, I know not all prefer this on vacation. Thusly, I have a guide to all nearby activities and endeavors. Each villa is rented purposefully to accommodate 4-8 participants and have plenty of space for relaxing alone or with the group.

A second Iyengar class will be taught for one hour at night to explore restorative yoga, gentle, nourishing breathwork, meditation, and other means by which to authentically relate to one another. Expect lots of gazing at sunsets as well, one of my favorite forms of single pointed focus of mind! Moon gazing is also a must on a beach retreat! 

About Iyengar Yoga

All yoga classes are optional, but no discounts are given for not attending. Yoga is highly encouraged as a means to explore the inner self.

Iyengar Yoga classes are taught 2x a day. All classes are uniquely tailored to each individual and modifications are available for all ages and conditions. Meditation and mindfulness practices are sprinkled in throughout the mini retreat.

No experience is necessary and all props are brought to each location for better support of yoga postures. These props include blocks, Iyengar chairs, belts, blankets, and more.


While active students are given priority, please sign up to our monthly newsletter, on the home page, to secure first availability.

About your host, Dina.


Space is limited so please sign up to reserve your spot! Please email Dina @ dina@zoeyogifestyle.com