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Travel Deeper to Verona, Italy

The Province of Verona is situated in southwestern Veneto, near the eastern bank of Lake Garda. This wonderful setting, renowned for its natural beauty, is complemented by tiny borgoes with typical, colored houses and magnificent villas, emblematic of an old and gracious prosperity. 
The Verona area is well noted for its grand and historic architecture. Castles, towers, hermitages, monasteries, sanctuaries, and old Romanesque parishes adorn the city.
North of the city is Lessinia, with its Regional Park and Monte Baldo to indicate the passage from the plains of the Po Valley to the Alpines. Its magnificent scenery beckons hiking excursions through the beechwoods, grasslands, olive groves, vineyards and orchards. Its the reason that Monte Baldo is known also as Hortus Europae, Garden of Italy and Europe. 
In the Province’s heart is Valpolicella, land of history and flavors, noted for its wine tasting tradition and numerous historic villas. This area produces exquisite, world-famous vino, using special and unique Italian techniques. And finally, to the south, the Basso Veronese area is a world of its own. Its slow rhythms, silent places, and changing colors, offer a distinct way of life that welcomes the visitor with open arms.