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“The future of human performance is right here.”

Shawn Sherman, Creator of The SQUARE 1 System™ Method

Neurological organization (via the SQUARE 1 System) is a wholistic framework which helps our wellness community tremendously!  This new groundbreaking non invasive framework is offered in one hour private sessions.

We’ve all been taught there are five senses, namely, sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. Now, let’s permit ourselves a moment to consider 2 others, namely, balance (vestibular system) and positional awareness (proprioception). Did you know that three of our senses (vision, positional awareness, and balance) are responsible for posture and movement?

Whether you are a grandparent enjoying a largely sedentary lifestyle or even an elite athlete looking for an edge, we all have very certain and integral physical movement requirements.

Establishing that, this is where sensory integration comes in. Sensory integration is the process by which we receive information through our senses, organize the information, and use it to participate in everyday activities such as standing up, sitting down, walking, and even the most complex physical movement patterns.

With neurological organization sessions we can identify deficiencies within your sensory integration. We use our senses of sight, balance, and positional awareness, to create basic posture-movements, such as standing up, sitting, walking, and all physical movement patterns. When those 3 senses are properly integrated, very solid, strong, pain free, and flexible outcomes are

Unfortunately, we live in an imperfect world. Past stress, trauma, and injury compromise the electrical signals which regulate and integrate our senses. Pain, weakness, and muscular tightness are all common expressions of poor sensory integration. It is estimated that for approximately 90 to 95 percent of in-pain people, sensory integration deficits are the root source. These are our candidates that benefit most from this system.

In short, what we are doing for our clients, both young and old, pro athlete and not, yoga teachers and students, is isolating joint action instability and then, most importantly – restoring motor control, which is how the brain generates motor patterns, which is multiple joint actions working together to establish motor learning, aka, movement, posture, exercise, yoga, etc.

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Fortunately, neurological organization is both painless and non-invasive.  SQUARE 1 System™ empowers its practitioners with consistent, excellent results.

Here are some of the issues we deal with…

  • chronic and acute back, hip, knee, ankle, foot, neck, shoulder, jaw, elbow and wrist pain
  • scoliosis
  • plantar fasciitis
  • sciatica
  • bulging and/or herniated discs
  • fibromyalgia
  • tendonitis
  • bursitis
  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • symptoms associated with Parkinson’s
  • regain function post-stroke
  • Bell’s Palsy
  • acute or chronic pain (in general)
  • degenerative hips and more

See more about our private sessions and email dina@zoeyogalifestyle.com, to get started!

Being open minded, though not without my skepticism, I tried the Square one system which I learned was to reset neural patterns in my body. I went because my knee hurt due to being a life long athlete and weight lifting. I had recently had intermittent pain in my knee when I would bend the knee. After seeing Dina and Anthony, my pain really was gone! It’s been a few weeks now and the pain has not returned. So count me a believer!


Right to the point.

Results were myriad and, in my case, rapid. Previous to my introduction to Square One, I was unable to sit on my heels (squat). I could only approximate the movement by being precariously balanced on the balls of my feet.

After a concise session of clearings I was able to balance, repeatedly, & with feet flat on the floor, obtaining full range of motion. Further, I was then able to shift my weight easily from side to side, while maintaining centered balance in the position.

Readers will have their own challenges, different from mine. Do strongly consider this method and practitioner to, at long last, put your issues to rest.

Brian C.

Dina offered me this therapy called, “Neurological Organization,”

I wasn’t sure what is was, and let me tell you – this is the coolest cognitive reset I have ever participated in with my body. She guides you to move and breath in micro movements and she uses resistance to determine where you need to focus on storing issues in your body. She spent at least an hour going through each part of my body and without fail we could find the areas to target. As we worked through these areas I was able to relax too! As a matter of fact I took one of the best naps I have been able to take in a very long time after our session. I woke up feeling refreshed and my pain had subsided in the area we spent the most time focusing on, and other areas felt and continue to feel unlocked. To truly appreciate or understand what this is I would suggest having session with her, this way you can find out for yourself what I meant by “unlocked”. 

Denise W.

I started doing square 1 system with Dina November 2021. A  a month later in December 2021, I started chiropractic care. I have scoliosis in my lower back where my hips are, as well as in my upper back. My right hip had been much higher than my left one, so much so where one leg was higher than the other one. My chiropractor told me realistically he thought he could help improve my hip structure 50% by the end of my treatment. Halfway through my treatment(Feb.2022) which was about a week ago, he did x-rays. He was floored when he told me that my hips have‘s have already improved 60% and I’m only halfway through treatment!I’ve had scoliosis since I was 13 and I am now 44. I think square 1 really helped to fix the neurological compensation to get neurological organization.