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Iyengar yoga is a classical and therapeutic method that employs logical sequencing to teach correct actions and intricacies of asana (postures) with an emphasis on student safety. Each class builds upon the next, giving students a link to understanding the poses, how they fit together, and the tools necessary to advance to the next level and develop a home practice.

The steady practice of alignment based asana over time lessens the war with gravity on the body by bringing it back into structural alignment.

Props will be introduced to allow all students to reach his/her optimum, with an emphasis on strength building in a controlled, safe manner. This makes alignment based yoga ideal for everyone from serious sports enthusiasts, those seeking to improve stamina and prevent injury, the injured in need of rehabilitation, and those with the broader interest of improved physical fitness.

In class, each asana is demonstrated and explained first by the teacher, thus allowing students to have a mental picture of each pose and specific action before engaging in it. Time is provided, to engage, hold, and safely emerge from each posture. Instructor and student interact to modify poses such that they are safe and geared for each student’s unique needs.

Classes are Monday & Wednesday 7-8:30pm & Saturday’s 10:30 am – 12:00pm


Gentle/Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga is known for its deeply healing and stress relieving qualities. It is the yoga of undoing. The antidote to Stress is relaxation. To relax is to rest deeply. The idea behind restorative yoga is to be able to do yoga while not physically doing yoga. All of the poses are either seated or lying down and supported by bolster/s, blocks, and blankets to allow you to relax into the pose and allow your attention to be with the breathing. Each posture is held for 5-15 minutes to trigger the body’s relaxation response through creating no movement, no effort, thus, quieting the brain.

Some of the health benefits of Restorative Yoga are:

  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Release of muscle tension
  • Stimulates and soothes the organs aiding in a natural detox process
  • Helps promote better sleep
  • Nourish and calms your adrenals and nervous system
  • Helps enormously dealing with anxiety and nervousness
  • Improves blood and oxygen flow throughout your body as your muscles are given permission to relax
  • Boosts the exchange of oxygen & waste products across the cell membrane
  • Gently moves and twists your spine. A flexible spine is a key to good health
  • All the organ systems of the body benefit during deep relaxation
  • Inverted postures (such as legs up a wall) greatly alter hormone levels, improve blood and lymph flow

Class is held the last week of every month during the All Levels Iyengar Based Yoga Class

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Dina Georgoulis is the owner and sole proprietor of ZOE Yoga Lifestyle. She is a 500-hour certified Yoga Teacher and a functional movement re-educator, writer and artist. She specializes in yoga for scoliosis, general back pain, injury rehab, posture strengthening and the creation of a stronger, more mobile and injury resistant physique. Dina teaches group classes locally in Tampa as well as private sessions, semi-private sessions, workshops and yoga retreats.

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