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Private Yoga sessions are private classes spanning an hour, which deal primarily with problem areas in the body which need special attention. These problems could be due to pain or discomfort in various muscle sets as a result of traumatic injury or asymmetries in the body, weaknesses in the internal organs resulting in problems with the circulatory and digestive systems, or weaknesses in the nervous system leading to depression, anxiety and tension. No major issue must be present to learn and study with Dina via private sessions.

The Iyengar method for the way out of pain is simple and effective. The first private session is structured with an assessment determining where the weakest link is in movement patterns.

These private sessions are designed to work with any problem or difficulty which require a one on one format and are especially good for persons not wishing to be in a group class. Each session is uniquely tailored to the individual.

Students will leave with a series of poses or movement patterns to work on at home and each subsequent session will build upon the first. No major issue must be present to learn and study with Dina via private sessions. Many clients and teachers enjoy alignment based yoga private sessions allowing them keep learning and growing in their own practice. Those with special needs due to busy life schedules also find private sessions ideal.

Please call Dina at (813) 540-1202 or email dina@zoeyogalifestyle.com.

About Dina

Dina Georgoulis is the owner and sole proprietor of ZOE Yoga Lifestyle. She is a 500-hour certified Yoga Teacher and a functional movement re-educator, writer and artist. She specializes in yoga for scoliosis, general back pain, injury rehab, posture strengthening and the creation of a stronger, more mobile and injury resistant physique. Dina teaches group classes locally in Tampa as well as private sessions, semi-private sessions, workshops and yoga retreats.

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