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All pain comes from a dysfunctional movement pattern. These patterns can be 

with us from birth or learned through time. Sometimes movement dysfunction happens when there is an injury to the body, surgery or a curvature of the spine. Muscles will turn off at times to protect the body and other muscles take over to help the body. This how the  unique way the body compensates to deal with pain.  It is imperative that these muscles turn back on and the body not stay in a compensatory pattern which is a state of degeneration over time.

Whether your dealing with back pain, joint pain, scoliosis, asymmetric body issues,  recovery from an injury, the Iyengar method can work with where you are and help move you forward. Iyengar Yoga builds systematically and logically to teach practitioners healthy movement patterns and re-education of muscles and soft tissue. All ages will benefit from this practice with consistent effort and time.  Life is too short to live in pain.

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Wholistic Wellness Community

Anthony Mosora

Anthony Mosora is a registered nurse, certified health coach, and a committed advocate of helping individuals make the most of life by helping them achieve optimal health through a variety of wholistic health practices. Anthony graduated December 2011 from Ivy Tech Community College (Magna Cum Laude)-Bloomington with a practical nurse certificate. He graduated from Indiana State University (Magna Cum Laude) with a bachelor of science in nursing in May of 2014.  His current NLC license allows him to practice nursing in 34 states.  Furthermore, he obtained his American Council on Exercise (ACE) health coach certification on July of 2015. Anthony also has his BLS and ACLS CPR certification.

In addition to his formal education, Anthony has spent thousands of hours investigating the world of health including spending hundreds of hours receiving mentorship from some of the most prominent wholistic physicians in the world such as Dr. Joel Wallach and Dr. Peter Glidden.  

Early in his career, Anthony began working on the front lines of the conventional medical world as a nurse tech (nurse assistant) and assisted nurses by providing basic care to patients by assisting them with the basics of patient care (walking, assisting with oral care and bathroom needs, checking vital signs, reporting notable health changes to nurses, etc.) He worked in this role for approximately 6 and a half years in a wide variety of hospital units. He even worked as a house orderly during part of this time which gave him the opportunity to gain familiarity with the basic workings of the hospital environment. Working as a house orderly also gave him experience responding to emergent situations such as performing chest compressions on patients experiencing cardiac arrest, helping deescalate patients in distress, etc.

As a licensed practical nurse, Anthony worked in a nursing home environment for over a year. This gave him valuable experience performing assessments, checking vital signs, administering medications/treatments, and allowed me to complete other miscellaneous duties for residents on multiple units.

After becoming licensed as a registered nurse in 2014, Anthony gained experience admitting and discharging patients, performing assessments, checking vital signs, administering medications/treatments, and completing other miscellaneous duties for patients on multiple units. He primarily worked with progressive care level patients on a telemetry unit which allowed him to gain valuable experience working with very acutely ill patients with a wide variety of conditions (especially various cardiac conditions).

As a registered nurse, Anthony has had the experience of working in different parts of the country with very different health cultures. Along with working as a registered nurse in Indiana, he also worked in hospitals in the Seattle area as a travel/agency nurse for approximately 3 months. 

As someone who has worked on the front lines of both the conventional medical system and wholistic arena, Anthony brings a much-needed, unique perspective which has equipped him to be able to help his clients optimize their health with healthy eating tips, high-quality nutritional supplementation, various physical activity strategies, behavioral modification techniques, and more. He has formed connections and has established a growing network of various health/lifestyle experts/resources in order to comprehensively help his clients achieve optimal health/quality of life…body, soul, and spirit. 

With Anthony Mosora’s help, you will not only be guided to assist you in acquiring sound health/lifestyle information…but he will also endeavor to help you apply that information into your life. Anthony currently lives in Tampa, Florida but is open to serving clients world-wide.

You can discover more about his products/services by visiting his website at health3j2.com.

Dr Lambert

Dr. Heath Lambert

Born in Selma, Alabama, Dr. Heath Lambert earned his B.Sc. in biology from the University of Southern Mississippi in 2005, and his D.C. from the Palmer College of Chiropractic in 2008. His professional focus is the Upper Cervical spine, and its impact on neurovascular, muscular and orthopedic health. He enjoys golf, fishing, hunting, college football (Roll Tide), boating, and the company of his loyal Weimeraner Abby. The oldest of three boys, Dr. Lambert has been happily married to his high school sweetheart for ten years, and they two kids together, a four-year old daugher Avery, and a newborn son Bates.

Website: http://naturalhealingoftampabay.com/

Dr Lambert

Mojka Renaud L.N., A.P.

Licensed Nutritionist / Acupuncture Physician
Creator and Executive Director of Holistic Options, a complete Holistic Health Care Facility and Organic Spa in Lake Mary, FL.

Mojka Renaud was born in Slovenia, raised and educated in Austria. She attended the University of Graz in Austria where she pursued studies in foreign languages for translation and interpretation. She also studied herbology. Her grandfather was an herbalist and inspired her since childhood to study about herbs and healing plants. Herbology and homeopathy was an integral part of her life, as Homeopathy (a healing natural medicine) originated in Germany with Dr. Hahnemann, a brilliant physician, who became the Father of German Biological Medicine. Mojka faced personal health challenges when she came to the US, which compelled her to seek answers in alternative medicine, thus the path for natural medicine was paved and she pursued numerous studies in natural medicine over many years, including having been trained by some of the top holistic physicians and homeopaths in Europe and in the US.

Mojka came to the United States in 1974, became a US Citizen in 1976.

She attended the following universities:

University of Graz, Austria 1972-1974
SUNY (State University of New York at Albany), B.A. degree in 1975;
Donsbach University in Huntington Beach, California (M.S./PH.D.) in 1986 (nutritional science).

FITCM (Florida Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine) in St. Petersburg Florida, A.P. (Acupuncture Physician) in 1992.
Certified by NCCA (National Certification) in 1994 as Dipl. of Acup.
She is licensed as an Acupuncture Physician and Clinical Nutritionist by the State of Florida.

Mojka created Holistic Options, a complete and unique alternative Health Care Center in Lake Mary, Florida, which is considered one of the largest, and most advanced holistic health centers with some of the most state-of-the-art health assessment devices and healing modalities, all based on Bioenergetic Medicine. It’s beautiful, “all green” facility since 1999, it has a complete Holistic Spa and a Ballroom Facility, as Mojka is a passionate and competitive ballroom dancer. She also has two sons, raised entirely with holistic medicine.

Mojka has published a book entitled “The Missing Link in Health” and numerous articles on health-related topics. She lectures on a regular basis to audiences all over the United States and in Europe. She is considered a pioneer in alternative medicine and is certified as one of the top physicians in Electrodermal Screening. She has been practicing holistic medicine and has been in private practice for 30 years. She specializes in German Biological Medicine, Nutrition, Homeopathy, Herbal medicine, Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and various other holistic healing modalities.

Website: www.HolisticOptionsInc.com
Email: mrenaud@holisticoptionsinc.com
Tel.: 407-333-1059 (Holistic Options)

Patricia Casañas, Counselor, M.A., L.M.H.C.

Patricia is a licensed mental health counselor who uses evidence-based techniques when counseling clients. She engages in a holistic approach, considering cultural factors, sexuality, trauma, and other sensitivities a client may have. Her personal philosophy is to teach you the skills you need, to make you confident in yourself and your abilities, and to manage your life such that you will reclaim it. She offers an honest, compassionate, non-judgmental, and firm approach in treatment. Patricia’s specialty areas include: eating disorders, anxiety disorders, OCD and related disorders, PTSD/trauma, as well as treating dual diagnoses that commonly co-occur within these disorders. She specializes in Exposure Therapy.

She has her degree in counseling from University of South Florida and a member of the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals.

Shawn Sherman, Creator of Square One System Motor Control Reprogramming

As the developer of the SQUARE 1 System, Shawn Sherman is a true human performance pioneer. He operates a private practice in Western Springs, Illinois and has consulted with hundreds of elite athletes from many organizations including the Chicago Cubs, US Naval Special Forces, and US, Canadian, and Russian Olympic teams.
Shawn has held numerous movement industry certifications and discovered a major hole in mainstream understanding. Prior to his developing SQUARE 1, no other system was available to directly reset how the nervous system organizes itself to efficiently create upright posture and locomotion. SQUARE 1 restores neural organization so that the postural control and human movement systems function more optimally.

The amazing posture-movement success stories produced by SQUARE 1 are now innumerable. Shawn passionately uses his game-changing system to empower his clients and athletes to live and perform better. He also mentors other industry pros in his unique and effective methods.

Website: http://www.square1system.com/

Suzanne Margolis-Gray M.ED., LMT, CT

Founder and CEO of Renew Life Wellness Center

Suzanne has been practicing massage and colon hydrotherapy in the Tampa Bay area for over 30 years. She believes that health begins from the inside out. Her emphasis is on the relationship of the colon to overall health, including detoxification, digestive care and lifestyles possibilities. She incorporates massage, acupressure, reflexology, aromatherapy and other modalities to personalize the treatment for each client’s needs. Additionally, Suzanne is a certified instructor for colon hydrotherapy, and has taught nationally and internationally.

Website: https://renewlifewellness.com/

Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/inspiringfeminineodyssey