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Homemade Aromatherapy Forehead and Eye Pillows

Our handmade aromatherapy forehead pillows are created with organic linen or raw silk fabrics and filled with any combination of organic lavender, rose, chamomile, eucalyptus, and peppermint. 

These dried flowers and leaves are guaranteed to send you deep into relaxation bliss. Aromatherapy is known to induce the relaxation response, solely through the actuation of the olfactory senses alone. 

We hand fill our forehead and eye pillows with organic ingredients to create the perfect weight, and product longevity. One can even build your own custom aromatherapy fillings, choosing from one, to all scents. To enjoy more of the aromatherapy, just squeeze to release the scents. 

How to use forehead or eye pillows to relax.

In Iyengar Yoga classes and private sessions,  aromatherapy forehead pillows are used on the forehead to send relaxation signals to the brain. This is moving you from frontal cortex thinking and problem solving mode, to back brain, or the parasympathetic, where we find relaxation. Our aromatherapy eye pillows are used over the eyes also to relax the eyes, and create more darkness, for some students have a preference to which ones helps them relax the deepest. 

We do not recommend the forehead pillows full weight on the eyes. The weight can be excessive. Eye pillows are slightly smaller in size and have a suitable weight to be placed on the eyes

See fabric and aromatherapy options.

Aromatherapy options: 

Lavender: a universal way to relax and replenish. Lavender is an adaptogen, so it can relax you or pick you up, depending on your requirements at the time. If one battles anxiety, lavender is a great choice. 

Rose: known to open the heart, assist with grieving, losses, and anxiety. Rose is the highest frequency of all essential oils and promotes a restful state. 

Chamomile: excellent for moving deep into relaxation, and a natural sleep aid. 

Eucalyptus: Cooling and calming excess heat. Known for its antibacterial qualities. Recommended to lessen puffiness and swelling around the eyes. 

• Peppermint: Cooling and calming to the skin and central nervous system. Also a fine choice of eye pillow, to lessen swelling around the eyes.

Forehead Pillow Organic Linen Fabric Colors and Pricing:

• seafoam blue
• beige
• brown
• black
• purple
• pumpkin
• purple
• lavender
• teal

• $40 – 1 aromatherapy filling 
• $35 – 2 aromatherapy fillings 
• $50 – 3 aromatherapy fillings
• $55 – 4 aromatherapy fillings 
• $60 – 5 aromatherapy fillings 

Forehead Pillow Organic Raw Silk Fabric Colors and Pricing:

• Peach
• Magenta
• Cobalt blue
• Indigo purple
• Olive green

• $60 – 1 aromatherapy filling 
• $65 – 2 aromatherapy fillings 
• $70 – 3 aromatherapy fillings
• $75 – 4 aromatherapy fillings 
• $80 – 5 aromatherapy fillings

Eye Pillow Organic Linen Fabric Colors and Pricing:

• white
• teal
• mint green
• lavender
• purple

• $30 – 1 aromatherapy filling 
• $35 – 2 aromatherapy fillings 
• $40 – 3 aromatherapy fillings
• $45 – 4 aromatherapy fillings 
• $50 – 5 aromatherapy fillings 

Combination Pricing (Includes ONE aromatherapy selection for each pillow. You can add more for $5 each additional scent:

• $110 – Raw Silk 2 Forehead Pillows
• $90 – Raw Silk and Linen Forehead Pillow 
• $75 – Raw Silk Forehead Pillow and Linen Eye Pillow
• $70 – 2 Linen Forehead Pillows
• $65 – Linen Forehead Pillow and Linen Eye Pillow
• $55 – 2Linen Eye Pillows

We are able to ship across America and even worldwide. See below for how to order.

Shipping price will be given upon order.

Please email dina@zoeyogalifestyle.com to place your order and please include first and last name, as well as full address. Any mistakes given in name and address will be the buyer’s responsibility. 

Please review thoroughly before sending. 

Once your email is received and your selection confirmed, via email,  (along with price & shipping) payment can be made. 

We accept payments through Cash App, Venmo, Zelle, Cash or Check. 

A 5% fee will be added when payments are made via credit card. 

Payment must be received before we create your custom ZYL Rest Your Eyes pillow.