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Now that imminent doom has passed from Hurricane Irma, our adrenal glands have finally been able to stop pumping adrenaline into our bodies and we need rest. Those of us who spent all last week preparing for the storm physically and mentally need to rest!!! The inclination is to keep pushing because there is much to do but the best thing you can do is allow downtime.

Your adrenal glands can and will crash if you keep pushing hard and believe me it will take you twice as long to recover if you burn out. Statically 80% of Americans are already running on adrenal fatigue. Can’t wake up without coffee? Case in point. Here is a list of ways to nourish the adrenals:

1. Allow yourself to rest and nap as much as you can.

2. Get on a good adrenal formula. Can be found at Hoyt’s pharmacy in Tampa. This will help repair the adrenal glands.

3. Stay away from coffee and sugar as they will tax the nervous system even more. Green tea is a much healthier option to coffee which gives you fake energy and then depletes the adrenals even more!

4. Eat well! Organic and Non GMO as much as possible and fresh fruit n veggies.

5. For yoga make sure you don’t push to exhaustion. Supported chest openers gently feed the adrenals. Deep backbending will tax them when in adrenal fatigue.

ANY TEACHER WHO WANTS TO KICK YOUR ASS hardcore all class has no idea how to deal with adrenal fatigue! Beware!!! Your yoga should support you not deplete you. Although you may feel like you need to get your ass kicked in class that doesn’t mean it’s what’s really needed to help regain your adrenal balance.

6. Exercise lightly. Don’t push your body to be where it was before. Give it time to come back fully.

7. When dealing with adrenal exhaustion the hormones are the last to be fed in the body. It’s ok to feel blah in the sex department. The body feeds all the other main organs first. You can seek the care of a good Holistic doctor to help rebalance the hormones as well.

8. Be kind to yourself. We went through a very rough week. Honor your feelings and let things process. Talk it out with others or journal. We lived through quite an experience!

Hope this blog shed some light on how to care for your adrenals! Lots of love to you all and our amazing community! May we recover well! #hurricaneirmagone