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I’ve been practicing yoga for a little over 2 1/2years to help center me and help keep my alcoholism at bay. I went from studio to studio going thru the motions but not really connecting to or understanding my practice. I happened across a restorative yoga workshop guided by Dina and she has been my teacher ever since! Although Iyengar, the method of yoga taught at Zoe, doesn’t appear to have the gracefulness of vinyasa but it’s grace lies in its stillness and strength. Dina told me “give me 6 months, this practice will change you”.

Dina’s knowledge of yoga is only eclipsed by her passion to share her knowledge. The Iyengar method and practice doesn’t start and finish with a class, it starts the moment you show up for your first class and it never ends! Dina will guide and help you develop your own practice thru her enthusiasm and care for her students because ultimately it’s your body your practice.

After 9 months of practicing with Dina, she was right it changed me. I’ve become freer in my everyday movements and think and hope I’ve become more centered?!! If you are earnest in your journey into yoga and willing to work, then attend a few classes at Zoe and see why I and others are proud to call Dina their teacher.

Patricia Casanas