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I have worked with Dina for over a year now and followed her into continuing to be a student of hers when she established her business. I have practiced yoga for over 5 years now and since the start of my practice, I have met some amazing individuals but Dina truly stands out in the Tampa Bay area.

First, let me preface this by saying I have tried out almost ALL yoga studios in the Tampa Bay area and worked with many different instructors. Dina stands out because she is highly educated in what she is doing and it is obvious once you take a class with her. She rigorously studies Iyengar Yoga which is the foundation of all different styles of yoga. It is through her that I not only learned about this in my practice, but learned how this is truly the root of all yoga. Many yoga teachers in my experience, hardly cue you to do right alignment. I have seen so many students in improper form and the yoga teachers don’t bother to fix it! Or the seldom ones that do, do not avidly go about doing so. This is how injuries occur!

Dina could pinpoint specific imbalances in my body without me even telling her all of my medical history and she truly pushes you out of your comfort zone. She really knows her stuff in alignment and aside from her deep study in Iyengar yoga, she also is a 500 hr RYT. Her studio is one of a kind in that it focuses on rehabilitation of the body (whether you have medical conditions or not) which I can confidently say for a FACT is not offered in any yoga studio in Tampa Bay because this type of yoga is very specific and individualized. It is not a cookie-cutter one size fits all yoga that seems to be the fad nowadays. I would recommend taking her class at least once and seeing the difference yourself!