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I debated for quite some time about starting yoga. I get pretty self-conscious and don’t like to look like an idiot. ZOE Yoga Lifestyle was on my very short list of possibilities, and what put it over the edge was the intimate classes and individualized attention noted on the website. I took the plunge finally and signed up for a set of private classes. I couldn’t be more glad I did! Dina is amazing. She’s patient, but not a push-over. She’s humble and very knowledgeable about her practice. She is observant and can recognize the areas that need the most work, and can explain why and how the troublesome areas are affecting you the way they are. She’s a great teacher and has helped me become very aware of my body, how I hold myself, and how to catch and correct myself. I used to have chronic shoulder and back tension for years, and I’ve just realized that I haven’t experienced that since I began working with Dina!!! Dina has also helped me recognize how tensely I always held myself and given me the key to turning that off. I think this is real yoga, how it was meant to be. It will be a lifelong practice to master the art, and I am grateful that Dina has helped me begin this journey! I couldn’t recommend her more highly!!!
– Gerri Cox