Sharing my thoughts on what has helped me feel less stress, in balance and organized stepping into the workweek. Mastering time management can be tricky but in the end it yields more freedom. What things do you do to be prepped well for the coming week? Please leave a comment and expand my horizon as well!

1. Food Shop/Meal Prep:

Pick a day on the weekend to commit to doing the meal planning, food shopping and meal prepping. Eating well will help fuel you with energy throughout the week.

2. Get a good nights sleep:

Sleep is another super power. Did you know when you run on not enough sleep your brain actually eats itself?!! Google it! The way to establish a good sleep routine is to go to bed by 10:30-11. After 11 the body gives you another shot or cortisol which will keep you awake most likely til 1 or 2am. Also the liver can not do it’s cleaning function of itself if your awake. It simply waits to detox you. Keeping to a set bed time and wake up time helps you to be in a good routine.

3. Write down your goals and priorities each week:

Taking time to think about what needs to be tackled each week helps you organize tasks and check off things on your never ending “to do “ list. Breaking it down helps us not feel overwhelmed and builds strategy in conquering the weeks responsibilities.