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Urban Self Defense

With over 25 years of experience in taking and teaching classes internationally, Master Dan brings his love of martial arts and the knowledge of the “how to” to Seminole Heights.

Wednesdays: 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm 

Single class – $25
4 Pack of Classes – $88
8 Pack of Classes – $144

He explains that our objective is to learn 3 distinct training goals:

  1. Finish in 2 seconds
  2. Learn how never to get touched (if you get touched consider yourself dead)
  3. Don’t use power or speed it’s about technique and form

Circular fighting vs linear fighting

What makes our training so special is that we focus on circular fighting instead of linear fighting. Almost all of the other fighting techniques focus on linear fighting where both opponents are more likely to at least get hit if not significantly injured or killed. Circular fighting focuses on evading the adversary, finding yourself behind him and from there your options are limitless.

Progressive studying with no contact in class

Our classes are 100% progressive and safe, we don’t use contact in the class because the techniques are meant to be final we learn how to use control while learning how to potentialize our strength and precision. Over the course of our practice, we will be trained in all of the forms of fighting but applying the circular concept:

  1. Strikes using punches, elbows, kicks, and knees
  2. Joint breaks (elbows, wrists, shoulders)
  3. Pressure points & basic joint levers
  4. Throws, sweeps & takedowns
  5. All forms of joint manipulations and submissions
  6. Ground fighting
  7. Defense & disarming against any type of weapon
  8. Fighting against multiple opponents

This class is open to anyone and everyone who wants to learn how to empower themselves.

The practice of Martial Arts helps us gain internal strength, discipline, and self-control (both physical & emotional). Come by and try the class, if anything it’s a really fun & dynamic class.

No experience is necessary. Students of all ages and levels are welcome. Just show up to sign up!