(813) 540-1202 dina@zoeyogalifestyle.com

We are pleased to announce a weekly Yoga for Scolisis class at ZOE Yoga Lifestyle in Tampa Heights! The class will be taught by Dina Georgoulis, owner and who also suffered from scoliosis. She has successfully used Iyengar/Alignment Based Yoga to help find the way out of pain, reeducate the muscles and build a more balanced body. This class will be held every Tuesday night from 7-8:30pm. All students must register and be paid up prior to coming to the home studio. Only 8 people are allowed per class to ensure maximum attention to detail and learning about your own unique scoliosis. Please visit the schedule to sign up. The class will focus on:

•learning about your curve

•traction or lengthening poses

•standing poses to build the legs to support the spine

•breathing exercises designed to open up the concave ribs over time.

•the ability to learn how to sense and adjust for your curve in yoga class

•what NOT to do to worsen the curve

We look forward to serving you on the mat and helping you Move Freely and Live Fully! Any questions email Dina at dina@zoeyogalifestyle.com