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As an artist, it’s extremely important for me to understand how my creativity works.

It was over two decades ago that I stumbled on the book the Artist’s Way, by author  Julia Cameron. It’s basically a workbook to unblock your creativity, and can even be led as a workshop over a period of 12 months. See below for details on how I offer it! 

It’s aim and recognition has been successfully helping humans reconnect to the inner child. The truth is all of us are artists. Our inner child is naturally creative, curious, and open.

I have been doing the morning pages and artist dates for two decades.

Anytime I feel in a funk, or am blocked on a project, I open that book and re-read and challenge myself to discover the root of the block. 

As we get older, we tend to shy away from having fun, perhaps lost the connection due to trauma, or from being curious, and we become more judgmental and stuck deeply in daily routines. Routines are wonderful, but we all need a break from routine otherwise they become lethal to your soul. The inner child always wants to play, and it knows exactly how it wants to play, the problem is we really don’t ask our inner child when we grow older. Too many are disconnected from the inner child, and it leads to a stagnation and loss of living in the moment, which is where creativity happens.

Science has now discovered that creativity actually happens from the relaxation brain.

This is not the frontal cortex, thinking problem solving, analytical brain. This is the brain that we access through yoga, meditation, being patient in nature, essentially the back brain and via creating weekly artist dates! 

The how to is something you can schedule in weekly. It’s done alone, this way you learn to take yourself out on a date!

Can be 2 hours to an entire day! Hell, I used to fly to Europe for 2 weeks alone and be in my artist dates, which fueled me incredibly and helped me to deeply connect to my inner child / artist. Too many stop dating themselves somewhere in life, and this is part of the block that came be created, but don’t worry. It can be overcome. Begin with writing down a list of all the things you want to do for fun, beauty, relaxation, learning, etc. 

My most recent Artist Date took me to a new 5 star hotel called The Edition Tampa. 

My inner artist wanted to be surrounded in aesthetic beauty. Enjoy the stunning pictures, also part of my artist eye honed from this practice. My inner child wanted to people watch while having breakfast, wanted to order something new and different. I spent time wandering around taking photos, sat in the lobby and journaled and read books. 

Exploring the hotel was in itself an artist date! Having time to be present, relax, and take time to enjoy life is a fuel for bringing through creativity. You can enjoy my tik tok video, another outlet for me of visual expression. 

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