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How to get rid of fruit flies inside with Young Living Basil Oil 

Recently our home wellness center was plagued by fruit flies inside. Living in Florida this is not uncommon. I was determined to find a wholistic solution and was happy to find that basil leaves or basil oil is a hated smell to fruit flies! 

Fruit flies hate the smell! Diffuse into the air and wipe your surfaces!

Young Living Basil oil is far more potent than basil leaves, so I decided to diffuse 5 drops in my diffuser in the kitchen. I also used some basil oil mixed with water to wipe down all counters, and cupboards. Of course moving all fruit into the fridge helps as well. 

I am happy to report that after a few days NO more fruit flies! 

Basil has many other wonderful uses for a wholistic wellness lifestyle. Basil essential oil refreshes the mind when inhaled and soothes fatigued muscles when massaged into the skin. Basil Vitality™ essential oil may provide circulatory and digestive support and infuses recipes with its sweet, herbaceous flavor.

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