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Living in Europe and traveling extensively, as well as having family in Europe taught me so much about quality over quantity. 

Fast fashion of cheap synthetic fabrics and toss away trends is a real problem. As a wholistic Lifestyle advocate years ago I began buying less and buying real fabrics like linen, silk, flax, bamboo, organic cotton, cashmere, & wool. My body couldn’t breath in fake fabrics, and I grew tired of China being the mass produced place I was giving money to.

During the pandemic I began to research and discover the most amazing small businesses! Buying direct from their websites so I buy pass the billionaire middle man feels great too! These small shifts make me feel so good about supporting artists, small businesses, and their work.  

Here are my top sustainable brands for clothing, sleep and lounge wear, as well as bedding! Support local and small businesses! We are still recovering from the lockdowns, and when you shop small you impact a life, support a dream, or family directly. 

Mate the Label

My go to for organic cotton tee’s & modern sweatsuit sets 


Lounging in Lunya black organic cotton romper w my Kuro the poodle 


My go to for the most luxurious sustainable & washable silk sleepwear, and cotton/silk blended lounge wear. This brand really is incredible,  and the clothes last. Great cuts for all shapes and sizes. 

Hello I’m a curvy girl! 



Modern minimalist art to wear! 

I have so many pieces from their collections, from purse to silk joggers, skirts, bodysuits, tops, dresses and more! Chic understated style for all ages. 



The most dreamy dresses found here! 

Every dress I have bought I love and can be worn from beach to dinner. This company plants trees, as well as donates money to small communities in Bali. They usually give you 10% off your first order! 



My go to site for conscious cashmere!

I love cuddling up in all their unique items & this company has a unique how they got started story along with giving back, sustainable and ethical practices, recycling cashmere and more! 


Epoque Evolution

Recycled fabrics are all the rage now & create durable and lasting classic staple items. Easy to wear and wash these office to yoga time looks are effortlessly chic & modern. 



Another wonderful small business of organic cotton & great tank tops, t-shirts & much more. Their latest project helped fund five schools where their cotton is grown.  A portion of each sale goes back to building schools in rural communities directly impacting a better quality of life for those people! When you shop, you give to their good doing! How cool is that? They offer 10% on first orders and have women’s, men’s and home goods collection. 


Aura The Label

Stunning linen, flax, cotton and other sustainable fabrics and beautiful modern & boho cuts from this artistic small business.

I bought their full boho skirts & matching tops! Interchangeable pieces & timeless. Perfect for beach to dinner out kinda gal!


Bed threads linen and flax bedding in pink. Kuro the poodle  approved!

Bed threads

Long have I searched for bedding that is natural, non synthetic, & durable. Stumbling onto this brand which has created linen and flax bedding which keeps you cool in summer, warm in winter, and gets softer each wash.  The colors are divine! 

Just don’t put them in your dryer!