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Daily yoga practice is so beneficial.

Starting a home yoga practice daily is highly recommended. Even just five minutes a day can help change our state of seeing, feeling, being, and teaches us how to come home to the body. 

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Start by creating a peaceful space.

I highly encourage you to find a space in your house where you can keep your mat unrolled and your yoga props nearby. 

Add a candle or table with some of your favorite items and make it a space you feel invited to go sit on your mat. 

Then trust your inner voice.

I tell beginning Iyengar Yoga students just begin with asking yourself, the inner child, what do you need today? What do you need right now? An answer will come. Trust that. 

The mat doesn’t mean just physical practice, it could also be a place you journal, do relaxation pose, aka Savasana, or just breathe. 

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Yoga props at home can help you practice at home what you learned in class.

Having the essential props you need like yoga blocks, yoga blankets, a yoga belt, and bolster will help you along the yoga journey to self exploration and movement therapy. 

Here are Zoe Yoga Lifestyle’s top two yoga prop starter kits.

I’ve used Yoga Accessories products for over a decade. They last!

Value Yoga Kit 



  • Yoga mat and carry tote 
  • 2 foam yoga blocks 
  • A yoga belt 

Essentials Yoga Kit


  • Extra thick deluxe yoga mat 
  • Yoga mat tote bag 
  • 2 foam blocks 
  • A traditional Mexican yoga blanket 
  • Cotton yoga strap 

Dina Georgoulis