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I’m bored of regular breakfasts, so I got creative

Puréed mango with Greek yogurt, chia seeds, and ginger oil from Young Living vitality Essential Oils.

Ginger Oil from Young Living Vitality Essential Oils is therapeutic grade and ingestibie! 

If you love to cook, Young Living has a whole line of concentrated oils for cooking, baking, teas, etc. 

Ginger essential oil is known as the “oil of empowerment.”

It offers a warm, spicy flavor that enhances soups, stews, and sauces, and may support a healthy digestive system when taken internally.*

Ginger is a member of the broader Zingiberaceae family. Traditionally used as a food flavoring and in herbal preparations in India and China, it was taken to the Mediterranean as early as the 1st century AD. Ginger Vitality™ has a delicious, spicy flavor that enhances both sweet and savory dishes, and can also be enjoyed on its own in warm water as an herbal tea. When taken as a dietary supplement, it may provide comfort for the digestive system and help to support weight management as part of a healthy lifestyle.*

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