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For the last two years, my body has been immersed in a major healing crisis. I was, and am, determined to heal my inverted ribcage, and I thought to collect my ideas here, as perhaps a guide for others on similar journeys. 

So, what does healing require? 

The healing journey will be unique to each person and his/her specific needs. There is no singular way to heal. Healing is a season, a deep inner journey, a pathway to awaiting answers that are already inside. I believe we are innately self healers, but have lost our way. May we find our way back, again, to our inner truth and guiding light. 

One must make up her mind to heal and must never identify to the illness/injury.

The battle is in the mind. If we tell ourselves we will be this way forever then we shall be. So many identify to their illnesses and injuries which, in turn, brings defeat. One must make up his mind that healing is possible and be relentless in its pursuit.

Be willing to step outside the archaic medical system’s approach and try many alternative healing modalities.

I stand firm in the belief that it’s not one thing that heals, but many things, employed concurrently. For example, my healing required neurological reprogramming, upper cervical chiropractic work, weekly fascia bodywork sessions, getting prayed for, clean diet and cleansing, and more. Certainly, it wasn’t one strategy that healed me. It was many things, done contemporaneously, to support my body, mind, and soul. 

Find family & friends & those assisting in your healing, who will support you on your journey.

All my friends & family supported me through all my dark periods. There were weeks when I couldn’t move and all pitched in to help. Everyone affirmed what I told them, that this was part of my healing, as my intuition knew it was. They fed me, checked on me, and bolstered me. Having people who believe in your intuition is very important. People second guessing your inner knowing are not necessarily those you want around, during such a time. Doubts can be debilitating on a healing journey. Don’t allow them entrance into your mind or life.

One must ask the body & mind what it needs to heal and let the answers guide you.

Yoga & meditation help tremendously to foster the mind body connection. This is perhaps the hardest part. Learning to trust yourself in a world where medical doctors are said to be the ones who heal and cure is fallacious, at best. Medical error is the 3rd leading cause of death in the U.S. I call it “sick care” and have very little respect for our archaic forms of medicine. If such great numbers of people are always unwell, then they are not doing a great job, in my opinion. My approach has been a wholistic one, my entire life, -to prevent illnesses & stay out of the hands of the medical system. 

Eating clean is a must.

Fake foods and processed foods are packed with addictive products that prohibit and cloud the mind from thinking clearly. Therefore, most people have no idea what feeling good truly is. 

Case in point, sugar is a killer and must be removed from our diets. Anything processed is not authentic food or nourishment. A mind cannot think clearly, or seek answers, when it’s not in touch with the body. I live on a paleo, low carb diet eating organic meats, non farmed fish, seafood, & organic fruits and veggies, and nuts. This is a real human’s diet. The rest are illness inducing manufactured products. Eat from the earth, land, and sea and your connection to your intuition and body will be strong. I always say, you don’t know how strong you are until you stop eating sugar. Try it!