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“We spend our whole lives in unconscious exercise of the art, of expressing our thoughts with the help of words”

I recently enjoyed a day in artist bliss, playing with the #vangogh exhibit in the #stpete #dalimuseum. Art takes us beyond words and into new worlds. I can relate so much to Van Gogh’s creative loneliness and his demands to generate.

Artists, I believe, are able to access other dimensions of creation. Their inner child/artist connection is play. Watching people tap into that is what we artists work to stoke in the inner fire of each human. 

All of us are artists, but we have been repressed to be obsequious worker bees for the globalists establishment of slavery. Clearly Van Gogh lived far beyond those small ideals. Thank you to this one of a kind artist for leaving your #artisteyes expression to us all.

I’m a yearly member of the Dali museum and am forever inspired  into new dimensions. This is a must see if your in Tampa, St Petersburg, or just passing through the bay area.