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Writing has been part of one of the ways I express myself as an artist.

I wanted to share one of my daily morning practices to help allow creativity to come through will you all. Creativity comes from the back brain, which is the relaxed brain, or in science terms, the parasympathetic nervous system. Ideas come when the brain is relaxed. 

Upon waking daily I grab my journal and go out into my garden.

I want to immediately write for three pages without stopping. 

The purpose is to just get all that you wake up with in your head out onto paper. 

It doesn’t have to make sense, and if get stuck you just write something, like I don’t know what to write, repeatedly, until new words come through. It’s the process of letting things come out in a messy disarray. 

About The Artist’s Way

The Artist’s Way book written by Julie Cameron has been a guide for me throughout my life as an artist craving to tap in deeply to creating. She labels them in her book, “morning pages.” I highly suggest this book if you feel stuck in any way, shape or form in ANY area of your life. Traditionally it’s taught in a 13 week guided course, which one day I’ll offer, but for now I wanted to share some of her incredible principals. 

Embrace the Process! Art Starts Messy!

One must learn how to make bad, messy, unorganized art to one day be able to fine tune it. As all as to be able to understand HOW art comes through you. 

Consistency Leads to Success

The key is to begin and become consistent. 

Consistency is a discipline from to success. 

Find a journal, any journal! And begin upon waking, immediately 3 pages of writing with NO stopping. You don’t have to read it in the beginning. Just begin and get it our daily. 

Over time you may notice ideas, poetry, quotes, titles you may find sparks of creativity from. Sometimes I answer my own questions through the morning pages or have powerful AHA moments come through. 

It’s a practice so don’t look for perfection. 

Be with the process and not outcomes. 

Let me know how it’s going for you? 

I’ve been doing morning pages daily now for 15 years and it continues to be a pathway to allow so much to come through. 

Happy exploring!