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The gift of healing, hidden for a century!

I was blessed to be gifted by my parents a four hour session at Tampa’s Tesla Med Bed Center. It was through my rigorous research in 2020 that I found this technology that was hidden for 100 years created by Nikola Tesla

Tesla was a scientist, intriguing human, who understood that frequencies can heal. Humans emit their own frequency, as does every thing on earth. In the wholistic world we call this bio energetic medicine. Tesla created many inventions to heal. His music discovery of using different MHz frequencies, which I use in the ZOE studio and in private sessions, which can be fine tuned to emotional needs and pain/conditions of all kinds. 

The local Tampa Tesla Med Bed Center felt so calming and relaxing.

Upon arrival to the Tesla Med Bed Center just being in the lobby within two minutes my overactive nerves calmed down. As I’m healing the scoliosis and shifting my spine the nerve pain has been so intense and unrelenting some days. Nothing takes it away, not even sleep. I don’t take any big pharma mafia drugs, so the pain is raw and intense. 

The center is so peaceful and has 11 small rooms with a twin bed, nightstand and shelf with a lamp. Think spa vibes as the ambience is a wellness environment with quiet zones,  low lighting, and Hi frequency MHz music playing. Some of the rooms have windows with curtains as well for natural lighting. 

The power of the Tesla bio energy healers and generators are underneath the beds with 14 gold standard  under each one! After 15 min of just walking around and taking pictures of this facility, my chronic tight overactive muscles began relaxing. I felt so grounded like my feet were deep in the earth. Tampa Tesla Bio Healing center has the most amount of Bio healers and generators than any other center thus far. 

Laura the manager is an angel human, very loving, sweet disposition, while also being extremely knowledgeable about the Tesla bio energy and the view of the company overall. Her center is the first of its kind to feature so many rooms, with the unique set up. The entire space is open so the energy can flow, you can close and lock your bedroom door and sleep as I did for two hours. About 1.5 hours in, I was so relaxed I couldn’t stay awake. My whole body was vibrating inside and out. The pain I normally have was lessening. The power of the frequencies was overriding it. 

In addition to lying in a Med Bed, you can also sit for a massage.

There is a state of art massage chair with different settings, and compression which is part of your stay. I used it for 30 minutes and we just take turns. Even in the massage room you are surrounded with the gold standard Tesla bio healing generators. About $200,000 worth of healing energy! 

I could feel my body go into deep healing stages, nerves, muscles, then even my bones felt like they were vibrating and healing. My digestion was clearing itself. 

I didn’t want to leave!!! For anyone who lives with chronic pain, the freedom I felt for 4 hours was indescribable, Unbelievable really. My joints felt more open and some of the weird swelling I’ve had in my fingers lately went down. I left feeling super charged. I can’t wait to go back!

In addition to visiting the Center, you can bring Tesla products home!

The Tesla bio healers and generators can be purchased online for your home and are transportable, the small ones at least. If you buy from Laura directly she offers 10% off the purchase of Tesla products. All the info is on the website, do your research, then call Laura with any questions. You can book for sessions on the website or on the phone. We are extremely blessed to have this healing art in Tampa! 

Treat your Temple well and go see for yourself the future of true healing medicine! 

The idea is to go get supercharged at the center, and build your home collection to keep the frequency going. They have great BOGO deals monthly as well! 

More information about the center.

Tesla MedBed Center is open Monday-Friday 9am-5pm and is conveniently located next to St. Joseph’s Hospital, inside a Medical Building. Each MedBed room provides a twin-size bed powered with Center Exclusive Biophoton Generators (equivalent to 14x MedBed Generators of Biophoton Life Force Energy). The center has shared bathrooms, a shower, and a kitchenette and is minutes away from super food markets.

There’s a special going on now, so don’t wait for the experience!

*We also can provide Overnight MedBed Sessions at certain times via special request.

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4710 N Habana Ave, # 101 
Tampa FL 33614
Phone: (813) 293-9984
Email: medbedcenter-tfl@teslabiohealing.com