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Friday July 23rd from 6:30-8:30pm 
Investment – $40

Space is limited so please sign up to reserve your spot! Please email Dina @ dina@zoeyogifestyle.com 

My name is Esmeralda Ericka Guevara and I Am seeker of light and knowledge. I have been an LMT for 12 years and I have practiced yoga and meditation for over 20 years. I became certified as a 200 hr Yoga Alliance teacher in 2018. I was immediately drawn to restorative yoga for its presence and stillness. I was reunited with crystal sound healing thru a facilitator and meditation leader, Eye Love, at a local yoga studio. Needless to say, I fell hard. My love for the vibrational healing energy of a sound bath was reawakened in me, and the path was set.

I started by buying a single crystal bowl and soon it became 10 and then some. It was what I needed to fulfill my mission. I have developed an affinity for healing my soul. Thats how the journey began. As I heal, I have been called to show others, even if its just a peak through the window. Once the seed of healing is planted, there is no turning back. You can never unsee the light. 

Please join Me for an evening of connection, meditation, breathwork and sound healing ~ 

We will start with the arrival, a moment to become present and situated in the vessel.  This unique healing experience uses a combination of breathwork, restortative postures, the warm embrace of guided meditation and vibrational sound healing to melt away stress and restore inner balance. 

Life is full and busy, self care is short and stressed, and its effects are incredibly felt. Managing the effects of stress is essential to our well-being and requires time and space away from negative overthinking, reactions to daily life and restricting life pressures. A time to truly slow down and listen. Hearing what your body truly needs as Peace and connection. 

Restorative Yoga calms the nervous system and clears the mind; Looking 

after our physical, mental and spiritual well-being is what refreshes, rejunvenates and energies us so that we can move forward with our lives in a more balanced, harmonious way. 

If you’ve never heard a sound bath, then you are certainly missing out on something very wonderful. A sound bath is just like being quenched in sound. Its cleansing your chakras and inner being. Activating your inner child and light frequency. It’s a powerful healing tool which will bathe your consciousness and allow you to reconnect with your true self, calming and nourishing the soul. 

We ask that you wear something soft and comfortable that you can lie down in, move in and rest comfortably. Please bring your own yoga mat and\or if you have 

a favorite pillow, blanket or eye pillow, please feel free to bring that along too. Bring a journal to jot down any after thoughts. There will be blankets, bolsters and blocks provided, as well as, organic juices and tea and healthy light nibbles after class. 

We do ask that if you are sick or feeling under the weather that you kindly post pone attending. 

We so look forward to sharing time and connection with you. Xoxo Esmeralda