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Raw and Real Post – My Healing Journey 

Today after 5 years of descending into darkness as my body had so much compensations in gravity, I simply couldn’t stand up longer than 15 minutes at a time. 

My nervous system was completely blown out. 

Life, car accident and scoliosis, and gravity had worn me out. 

It’s like I couldn’t not control my motor skills anymore. 

Enter @square1system with Shawn, and my life began to change drastically. 

Weighed in today at 166 pounds

The most I have ever weighted but I’m so happy! 

I am able to stand, brace and load my muscles with weight! 


Gotta love yourself fiercely through all of life’s transitions and transformations. 

I’m thrilled to be offering sessions for neurological tuneups via SQUARE 1 systems wholistic muscle testing of joint actions!

Let’s optimize the nervous system and optimize your movement!

Contact me at (813) 540-1202 or dina@zoeyogalifestyle.com, to get started!