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The practice of mindfulness can be cultivated, and brought into every aspect of life. One of my most beloved practices taught to me by one of my favorite poets #maryoliver is how to behold. 

This word “Beholding” is described as: 

To see or observe (a thing or person, especially a remarkable or impressive one).

We spend so much of our lives not being present, or beholding the moment fully. We are anywhere but here in the now fully connected to what we are doing. The rise of technology has subverted our minds to be on overdrive. It’s as if we go through our entire lives half here, and then gone. 

Practicing this simple technique can help you slow down tremendously over time, and cultivate being, seeing, fully.

How to practice: 

  • Find an object, not moving, to focus on.
  • Set a timer for 3-5 minutes
  • Once you start the timer
  • Keep your focus on object of choice
  • The idea is to observe what you see 

I love to go into my garden in the morning and sit and practice staring at flowers. 

Every time it’s the same. I’m observing and my mind is saying, oh it’s so this and so that, and describing it. So I breathe and notice. Then after the categorization of said object the mind can just focus. 

An interesting thing happens over time.

One begins to just enjoy being with the object. The point is to pay attention in the now space as long as you can. This is mind training for being present. 

Of course it isn’t easy!

The mind is like a giant computer constantly evaluating, compartmentalizing, and more. The now space resides beyond that computer mind. The more we tap into it, the more deeply we can live in the only time that truly exists, in the now.

Wishing you a curious practice. 

Love, Dina