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Photo by Taisiia Stupak on Unsplash

The highest form of any spiritual practice is self compassion & love.

Holding yourself is a powerful practice

I sure have embraced myself literally throughout so many times and situations in life. It’s a self soothing technique. 

Expecting others to soothe us can lead to a co-dependence issues

 One must learn how to self regulate your own nervous system. On a more technical level, it’s using self-soothing to induce “amygdala depotentiation,” which essentially means reining in and retraining the emotional part of the brain that kicks us into fight-or-flight mode and causes anxiety.

While embracing myself I often talk to my inner child or thank my body

 I tell her I love her, or I thank my body and let it know I love it. My healing the last two years from an inverted ribcage, and much more where I was in constant pain day and night led me deeper into this self help tool 

I could still be in the pain but allow the process to evolve with love for my body and all it’s gone through to heal. Try daily wrapping your arms around yourself and saying kind words to your inner child. Who happens to be the inner artist. Keep connected to the deepest parts of you Let me know how it goes? 

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