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ZOE Yoga Lifestyle Seminole Heights, Tampa explains: 

  • The journey to wholeness, inner peace, and ultimate freedom. 
  • Yoga is the art of reprogramming your programming.  
  • Getting out of auto pilot lifestyle.
  • Jailbreaking the matrix of the mind! 

That is the 8 limb path of yoga! 

I was inspired by my yoga philosophy, books, and the many books, written by BKS Iyengar, the father of Yoga to the west. Yoga is an eight limb path that has been around for over five hundred thousand years, and came from India. There are ancient books that we are able to study now on how the forefathers of the path of yoga, studied the mind, how to intensely inwardly focus and relax the mind via yoga postures, studying the body, meditation, breath-work, Yoga Nidra, and more. 

The subject of yoga is extremely vast, and as a yoga student and practitioner, after 25 years, I am still exploring so deeply, the inner depths of my mind, body, and soul. 

It never gets boring! 

Real learning is dynamic, and what I love about the eight limb path of yoga is that you can start with any of the limbs. And many people find yoga through these many different paths.

What does yoga mean?

The word ‘yoga’ means to connect, unite or ‘yoke’. The thing we look to connect to is the true Self, also known as the ‘divine essence’, ‘ultimate self’, or atman. You might also think of this as the witness mind. It’s the part of the mind that observes everything, but is quiet. The witness mind is not the frontal cortex where we are in beta brainwave state. 

If that way of thinking doesn’t resonate with you, then consider that the word yoga can also mean separation or disentanglement. The thing we’re disentangling from is whatever stops us from feeling free, as the ultimate goal of any yoga practice is to attain moksha, meaning liberation or freedom. 

Yoga is a sensation of movements in the consciousness.

Yoga, Sutra 1.2

Then, the seer dwells in his/her own true splendor. 

Yoga Sutra 2.3

The entire exploration of yoga consists of inwardly self study. It is not about comparing yourself to the person next to you in class, or in life. Is is about observing your self, small s is for ego, intellect, emotional body, energy body & heart and through these beautiful practices, how to focus the mind in the present moment. Which in today’s world, is a super power. 

The power of the mind is not even fully known to humankind still. However, we know that through yoga you can access different brainwave states, and different levels of consciousness. 

What are the 8 Limbs of Yoga?

  1. YAMA – Restraints, moral disciplines or moral vows
  2. NIYAMA – Positive duties or observances
  3. ASANA – Posture Practice 
  4. PRANAYAMA – Breathing Techniques
  5. PRATYAHARA – Sense withdrawal
  6. DHARANA – Focused Concentration
  7. DHYANA – Meditative Absorption 
  8. SAMADHI – Bliss, Enlightenment, Self Realization. 

The journey to wholeness, inner peace, and ultimate freedom. 

B.K.S Iyengar’s book, Light On Life

The book Light on Life is an absolute gem! 

It is a guiding light for anyone, exploring the eight limb path of yoga for self realization. 

“As we grow more adapt and asanas (yoga postures) come to us, it becomes tempting to contain our practice within within a zone of proficient complacency. 

I call this “Bhoga Yoga,” 

Or exclusively for pleasure. No longer do we employ the mirror of reflexive intelligence to seek out incorrect imperfection, we use it for the purpose of self regarding vanity. 

The yoga journey is becalmed in the doldrums. If there is no wind in our sails, the only way out is to row. And this means to reapply ourselves to zealous, effortful, sustained practice, to lay down a new challenge. 

What is wrong? 

Where and how can I improve? This is where the fire of practice (tapas) ignites, the lamp of intelligence, and self knowledge (Svadhayaya) dawns. The word tapas contains the meaning of inner intellectual heat, which burns out our impurities.” 

Pg. 58 Light on Life 

Sadly, since yoga came to the states in the early 70s, it has been after time, highly diluted. Yoga in the west seen is something that’s trendy to get a yoga body, whatever that is.

It’s also become about showing up in a certain cliché yoga gear that cost a lot of money made out of plastic, why would anybody want to wear tight clothing, which restricts the flow of your energy, and made of micro plastics, which are endocrine disruptors, linking in the holistic world to causing cancer? Yoga is not about standing on your head with fancy pictures so that you can get many likes on social media, it is not an external show, and if it is to you, then you can be sure that your ego is running the show. 

Yoga has become $1 billion business, in the west. However, many yoga teachers, who are humble students to life and learning, understand that the truth of yoga is found in studying the ancient texts, and with teachers, who have gone deep themselves into self study and self-realization.  It’s important to understand what yoga is, and isn’t. And that was why I wanted to share this little bit of knowledge with you.

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