ZOE Yoga Lifestyle Center in Tampa, Florida specializes in yoga for back pain and back care. Founder and Owner Dina Georgoulis knew back pain intimately as it was a daily part of her life due to scoliosis. Dina has successfully eliminated her back pain and also reduced her scoliosis curve drastically using alignment based yoga daily. Her hope is to help others find the way out of pain. Dina offers one on one private sessions for those with chronic or daily pain, and those with acute pain or pain that comes and goes and is less severe, are welcome to start in beginner classes. Dina works with all kinds of back pain issues. Her knowledge how to use the yoga postures therapeutically to help bring homeostasis and freedom is one of a kind in Tampa.

Dina believes living in pain brings a tremendous amount of drain to the body and mind. Learning to use yoga asana or postures daily can help eliminate pack pain and help to create a more integrated body structure. Poor posture, weak muscles and lack of proper movement all play a part in the breakdown of the spine. Alignment based yoga focuses on creating healthy movement patterns, builds bone density and can also help slow down degeneration of the spine. Life is too short to live in pain. Please feel free to email Dina for further questions or to book a private session. Our goal is to help all our clients and students Move Freely and Live Fully.