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ZOE Yoga Lifestyle; a boutique yoga center specializing in Iyengar/Alignment Based Yoga, Rehabilitation and Stress Relief is well versed and well equipped to take on new clients and students with scoliosis. The owner and founder of ZOE, Dina Georgoulis, has scoliosis and it was her own back pain which led her to the practice of Iyengar Yoga. Iyengar Yoga is partly based on alignment. The tradition explores and explains how to align the bones by using the muscles in yoga. Alignment based yoga taught at ZOE is tailored to each individuals unique structure. This style of yoga allows those with scoliosis or any asymmetry to learn how to 1. Lengthen the spine, 2. build strength/stretch in the right places, 3, derotate the torque that usually comes with scoliosis. Private Sessions with Dina focus on creating more symmetry in the back and students learn how to work the muscles of the back more evenly. A daily routine can be built out of private session work to maximize the body’s ability to change patterns with consistent practice.

Dina has successfully eliminated her daily back pain and continues to teach and share what the practice of Iyengar/Aligment Based Yoga has done for her over the last fifteen years. She recommends those with over 30 degree curve start with one on one private sessions. Those with a scoliosis pattern (less than 30 degrees) may attend weekly classes.  Scoliosis, when left untreated tends to worsen over time, as it is a degenerative disease. Alignment based yoga could be thought of as a life long way to reorganize the body and maintain the health of the spine and inner organs. Please help us spread the word to those who may not know we are here in Tampa! You can find our class schedule here on our website. For further inquiries or to book a private session please contact Dina at 813-540-1202. Life is too short to live in main. Move Freely. Live Fully.