New Yoga Rehabilitation Class for Seniors & Special Needs

Our newest and most diverse class Yoga Rehabilitation will begin this week in Tampa!  The class, taught by owner of ZOE, Dina Georgoulis, with over 15 years of therapeutic teaching experience will be taught every Saturday from 1:30-2:45pm. Dina  teaches alignment based yoga which helps ones body come back to healthy patterns of movement, increases strength and stability and improves range of motion. All the postures will be broken down and use of props will guide the students to work in their own unique way to find the optimal shape of the pose.  This class is ideal for:

•people over 65 (seniors can do yoga too!)

•people who have injuries

•people coming back from any and all surgeries

•those recovering from any illness

•anyone who has scoliosis

•those seeking a more mild and gentle approach to alignment based yoga

Basically all ages and all issues are welcome! We will work together to find solutions to problems and enjoy learning about the amazing vessel, the body and all it can do with gentle love and support! Drop in rate is $20pp or you can purchase a class package. Please email Dina with any further questions or concerns.