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I’ve been seeing Dr. Chi for two decades now for holistic healing.

I’ve been blessed to have had parents who took the opposite road from Western medicine, to holistic medicine. I’ve been under the care of one of the best holistic doctors in the world for two decades now. I wanted to share with you about the power of bamboo extract by a brilliant holistic Chinese medicine doctor from California. 

Dr. Chi is known statewide as he travels to many different health food stores and other holistic doctors to do his analysis of finger, nails, tongue, and face. Down below I have linked his website if you’re curious to be diagnosed by him, which is not very expensive at all.

His products have helped me through so many things that I had to face with my body and each product is highly concentrated. My holistic doctor carries all of his products and prescribes then when I test for needing them. 

I took bamboo extract for a severe chest cold.

I ended up with a cough a few weeks ago, and I don’t usually get chest colds, and this one was really bad. It was so bad that I couldn’t sleep at night because I was just coughing endlessly. After a few nights of no sleep, I realize that my body needed a little extra boost in the long chest department. So I ordered through Dr. Chi’s website bamboo extract. The first day I took three 2x times a day, with food, and that night I only woke up once coughing, and it was much shorter. The following nights I woke up, not at all! I am so thankful for this holistic health remedy which could’ve left me with a cough lingering for weeks.

About Chi’s Enterprise Bamboo Extract

Chi’s Enterprise Bamboo Extract, 120 caps. Bamboo Extract is made out of the most nutritious part of the bamboo, containing a complex source of amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Bamboo is a rich source of silica, a mineral that is found in multiple tissues in the body. Bamboo is almost 70% silica. This mineral is found in teeth and bones, and silica may promote bone formation by playing a role in the absorption and maintenance of calcium levels. Silica is also thought to play a role in the health of skin, hair, and nails. Bamboo has natural antioxidant properties as a result of phenolic compounds like phenolic acids and luteolin flavones. Phenolic acids are compounds found in plant-based foods. Phenolic compounds are essential for the growth and reproduction of plants and are produced as a response for defending injured plants against pathogens.

This product helps to bring relief from the side effects of COPD. helps reduce coughing and congestion.

Bamboo Extract users improved 90% on shortness of breath & reduced inflammation by 64.26%.

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