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Dina shares her journey from practicing yoga to teaching yoga to starting her own studio Zoe Yoga Lifestyle. And how Iyengar Yoga and her practice helps people heal and find wellness.

About Dina Georgoulis

Dina Georgoulis is the owner and sole proprietor of ZOE Yoga Lifestyle. She is a CIYT-Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher & 500 ERYT hour certified Yoga Teacher – through Yoga Alliance. Her studio is located in the heart of historic Seminole Heights, where she teaches customized private & semi private sessions, group classes, workshops, and annual retreats in Greece & Italy. She has been practicing yoga for twenty years and successfully teaching and healing for ten.

Healing herself and others with scoliosis and back pain

She specializes in yoga for scoliosis, general back pain, injury rehab, posture strengthening, and the creation of a stronger, more mobile and injury resistant physique. It is through her own struggle with scoliosis and back pain that she found the path to helping others with unique needs. Dina has a discerning eye for the asymmetric body and her therapeutic style helps bring her students and clients back into structural alignment, creating healthy movement patterns. She views the body as art that can be reshaped through steady practice and logical sequencing, which, in turn, fosters pathways to self rehabilitate through the Iyengar Yoga method.

Dina talks about business.

VoyageTampa – “Alright, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall, and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?”

Dina Georgoulis – “Building a business takes time, consistency, flexibility, and belief in yourself. It’sIt’s the same when building a yoga practice or healing the body, mind, soul. Some of my struggles in the first years taught me to trust my own instincts and not follow the mainstream ideology of building a business. I chose never to pay for marketing, and so it took longer to be known via word of mouth. It was worth it as I don’t depend on marketing to sustain my business.”

VoyageTampa – “Thanks for sharing that. So, maybe next you can tell us a bit more about your work?”

Studying under world-renown teachers and mentors.

Dina has studied with Certified Master Iyengar Teacher Karin Stephan for more than a decade, continuing to learn alignment and how to best correct the asymmetric body. Karin was one of the first students of B.K.S Iyengar, who is the founder of the Iyengar Yoga method and credited for bringing yoga to America. She also studies weekly with her mentor Anastasia Bizzari, and quarterly with her recommending teacher Pom Cayiero and founder of Miami Beach Iyengar Yoga Center. She also studies multiple times a year in Italy with her Senior CIYT, David Meloni. David is the highest certified Iyengar teacher in the world and studied with the Master B.K.S Iyengar for twenty-two years consecutively before opening Iyengar Yoga Rahasya Center in Florence, Italy. Dina has also studied anatomy, physiology, normal infant development, proper diaphragmatic breathing for core stabilization, and functional movement under her mentor Dr. Heath Lambert. Dr. Lambert is an upper cervical doctor who holds a master’s in kinesiology and a doctorate degree in chiropractic.

Guiding others to a place of healing, inner peace and freedom.

Dina also is an advocate for holistic health and wellness as it saved her life and allowed her to live the best life possible. Dina is also known for her skill in stress management and yoga for chronic illness through gentle, restorative yoga, meditation, breathwork, and aromatherapy. These skills in stress relief turn on the relaxation response of the nervous system, which quiets the mind and dissolves tension in the physical body thus, allowing for deep relaxation into body and life. Dina teaches from a place of deep compassion and is honored to guide others to a place of healing, inner peace and freedom. She is also an avid writer, traveler, yoga retreat leader to Greece & Italy, and lover of deep conversation and connection with the community.

Considering yoga on your path to wellness?

A personalized and restorative practice with Dina Georgoulis is a place to start.

  • Classes $20 drop in/4 classes for $64/8 for $112
  • Semi private sessions (2 people) $100 single session/5 pack $475
  • Yoga Retreats to Greece/Italy $1500-$2000

    Email dina@zoeyogalifestyle.com for information and to sign up.

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