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Some of my new clients in South Tampa who pay me for in home Iyengar Yoga and SQUARE 1 System sessions where we work on improving motor control and motor learning live right by this gem! 

As a conscious eater, it’s extremely hard to find organic, non gmo, food that actually has taste! Many places that boast healthy are non organic and even use fruit and veggies sprayed with pesticides. So one ends up paying a lot of money for not so healthy food. 

I was pleasantly surprised to find the Intelligent Gourmet on Manhattan Ave! 

They have two cases full of pre prepared daily dishes, along with a HUGE menu of made or order plates. The array of choices is so wide it’s hard to choose! 

In Italy the Italians love a good tavalo caldo, translated as hot table where they can eat a variety of items. This is my secret when traveling in Europe. Hot tables are much cheaper and a great source of variety of veggies, pasta, meat, fish and sides. 

I highly recommend this place! The chicken piccata was out of this world! There is a lot of Keto friendly options as well as Gluten Free. It’s a local woman owned small business! Support your local artists! 

Support those who are pioneers in changing food standards and the link of health is 80% what you eat. Hope you check it out! To your wholistic health!