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For the New Year, I’d like to share my favorite Young Living Essential Oils to help open up the energy field in and around us. Young living is known as the number one and foremost company for research, purity, potency, rigorous standards of testing, and therapeutic grade in justable oils. If you spend $100 on your first order, you become a member and get 24% off every year! All you have to do is spend $25 a year to maintain your member status!

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How oils work with vibrational frequencies.

I’ve chosen Inspiration, Magnify Your Purpose, Envision and Into The Future oil blends. The science behind essential oils has to do with quantum physics. Understanding that everything in the universe carries its own unique vibrational frequency, then you can understand how the oils each carry their own unique frequency. Some oils work on the physical body, some on the energetics, cloudy, some on the spiritual body, and some on the emotional body. By using oils, whether diffusing them, wearing them, taking a bath with them, or even just smelling, and holding the bottles means that you’re beginning to align your energy with the frequency of the oils. Since Young Living Essential Oils are so potent, and sure, this means that your energetics field will raise by using these oils.

Improve your holistic health with yoga, meditation and essential oil sessions, classes and retreats.

Like my meditation teacher, Dr. Joe Dispenza, a neuroscientist, and has proved with science, the power of meditation and frequency, “CHANGE YOUR ENERGY, CHANGE YOUR LIFE!” in my work with private sessions, and in our group classes, retreats, and corporate gigs, I can see how subtle the oils are but also how powerful the effect is immediately. This is why we continue to use only young living at the Zoe yoga lifestyle, studio in Seminole Heights. I am available for online private sessions as well, to help deep in the knowledge and all of the uses of Young Living essential oils for holistic health.  

Happy New Year! And remember, every day is New Year’s Day truly. We don’t have to wait til January 1st to change. Change is available every single day! Let me know your experience with any of these oils in the comments! To your wholistic health! 

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Inspiration Oil

This blend includes oils that have been combined to help those desirous of communicating with and getting closer to the Creator and enjoying the spiritual aspects of life. It relieves negative thoughts and enhances spiritual awareness. It creates a space for prayer and inner awareness during meditation and prayer. 

Magnify Your Purpose

The emotionally-uplifting properties of the single oils in this blend make it excellent for helping us to overcome negative emotions and such self-defeating behaviors as procrastination and self-pity. By being able to deal with belittling feelings such as abandonment, rejection, and betrayal, we are able to more fully understand and magnify our life’s purpose.

Envision Oil

This blend is comprised of essential oils that provide powerful support and balance to the emotions. This type of emotional support is necessary for us to move forward with renewed faith in the future toward achieving our dreams and goals.

Into the Future

This blend may help one leave the past behind in order to go forward with vision and excitement. The single oils contained in this blend are all invigorating and uplifting. So many times we find ourselves settling for mediocrity and sacrificing our own potential and success because of the fear of the unknown and what the future may or may not hold. This blend was formulated to support the emotions in helping us create the feeling of moving forward and not being afraid to let determination and that pioneering spirit come through. Living on the edge with tenacity and integrity brings the excitement of the challenge and the joy of success.