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I’ve been documenting my healing stages from my now two Tesla Tampa Med Bed center which uses bio photon light healing. Everyone I talk to about this is asking me what BPH is? I’ll let the experts explain how energy is now proved to be medicine. Enlighten yourself with this blog:  What is Biophoton, Life Force Energy and How Can It Benefit Your Health?

Please read my first blog for an overview of my four hour stay and what I experienced.

My second stay was for eight hours. The full amount recommended to fully recharge. 

My second stay was quite different than the first.  I felt the healing more inside my body. 

I had gastroperosis, where the motility of the involuntary muscles used in the stomach basically don’t function as they should which leaves you feeling full when you barely eat, and digestion was so slow. 

I could feel the energy of hot and cold, tingling going to my stomach. 

I felt my body trying to put it all back together.

While in my stay I also slept a lot, and could feel the right side of my body where I have inverted ribs and an old rotator cuff issue spasming on and off. This felt like my body trying to put it all back together, working out the kinks so to speak. I also have an area around the xiphoid process bone which for most of my life was out of place due to an old car accident, it was only able to be put back in place this year. The skin, tissue and nerves around it have always been sensitive to touch and painful. This area has been more pliable and less pain after my second stay. 

The healing went on long into the next few days for me really. Much less stiffness in my joints, my metabolic rate went up drastically, and I found myself waking up hungry, which was not a norm for me the last few years. My bowel movements have been unbelievable, I’m full of energy, my skin looks great, and my body feels like it’s literally putting all the broken pieces back together. It’s been a three year journey to recover my structural and physical health. 

I feel the Tesla bio photon light energy healing is what all humans need to be able to raise their life force energy, which when high, works as God made it to heal the body. 

The healing went deep into my emotional body too.

I had intense emotions come up for two days. As always I sat with them and just observed, emotional releases are part of healing. Behind our thoughts are emotions which drive us, part of holistic healing is to heal the energy/emotional body.  It all goes hand in hand. 

I encourage you all to read and research via the Tesla Med Bed blogs.

There are many clinical trials ongoing at certain centers and remarkable results reversing many conditions or greatly improving the cell life and health of many. My life long research and use of holistic medicine has taught me that our own bodies are designed to heal themselves, however the toxic food, water, air, tech smog and more is wreaking havoc on humanity.

Now we have a way to recharge and even can buy the bio healing generators to keep the healing going on at home. 

Life Force Energy Early Signs of Effectiveness – Tesla BioHealing & MedBed Centers

Tampa is blessed to have its own center located right by St Joseph’s Hospital. 

There are wonderful monthly bogo deals right now which I highly recommend you take advantage of. Also you can order the bio healing generators directly from Laura at the Tampa Tesla Med Bed Center and receive 10% off your order! 

As always to your wholistic health! 

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