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As a yoga instructor and holistic health advocate for over 15 years, as well as someone who has struggled with health problems and chronic pain, I wanted to share some of the ideas that I’ve been exposed to that I would consider red flags, dangerous and dogma. The one thing I have learned on the healing journey is that there are millions of ways for each individual uniquely to heal. I’ve personally experienced all of these and many more. Please run away as fast as you can when you see these! 

1. They tell you that only their way or technique will heal you.

A business person will use this slogan, trying to make you believe only their technique will heal you. A true Holistic Health Practitioner knows different remedies are needed and will help you find the one or ones that work. 

2. They tell you that they know more about your body, mind, emotions than you do.

No amount of degrees means it’s ok for them to ignore what you feel about your body innately. You live in your body and your body knows what it needs to heal.

3. They tell you that exercise or yoga will fix all your structural problems and pain.

Doctors like to throw a lot of weight on Yoga as it will solve many things perhaps they cannot. Yoga is exercise-multiple joint actions working together at the same time. This does not fix motor control or motor learning skills. Please see our SQUARE 1 System method which world directly with changing brain to cell signaling. 

4. They belittle your healing journey.

Anyone who can’t hold space for you and TRUST your journey, isn’t someone to keep close on your journey. I had to make distance with a lot of people who thought they knew better then me what to do for my healing. 

5. They have an inflated ego.

I call this the Doctor God complex. Pretty easy to spot!

6. They don’t listen to what you disclose to them about your mind, body, heart, soul, or gaslight you about your intuition

Run away from anyone who does this! A true Holistic Health Practitioner will listen to everything you and your body have to say. 

7. They are pushy at selling you something.

This should be fairly easy to spot. When the work works you don’t have to hard core sell it. Hard core selling is a business man’s strategy.

8. They give you unsolicited advice constantly.

We all can tend to do this but when it becomes all the time, then you can just tell them kindly, “Thanks but I’m not looking for any unsolicited advice.” Notice their reaction! It will speak volumes! 

9. They use their position of power inappropriately.

In the yoga world, this would be inappropriate touching while adjusting you, or touching you in any way that honestly makes you feel uncomfortable. You should absolutely speak up, and again their reaction will speak volumes!

10. They overstep your boundaries.

A boundary is basically any rule that helps you to feel safe, comfortable, and respected. A true holistic health practitioner will not cross your boundaries, but will respect them.