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Wellness Spa Packages

The human being is therefore likened to a very complex, unique, and finely tuned musical instrument. Every atom, every molecule, cell, tissue, and organ of the body continually broadcasts the frequencies of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual life.”

Our goal at ZOE Yoga Lifestyle is to listen to your unique instrument by looking at the body with a wholistic approach. 

Definition of wholistic: involving care of the whole body and mind; interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole. 

We offer a way for our students, clients, and those new to us, to explore our many offerings in our spa-like home wellness center. Give the gift of spa like wellness, to yourself or a loved one,  but discover new wholistic modalities. 

These packages can be fine tuned to suit each individuals unique needs. No experience is necessary, and all ages can enjoy rest, relaxation, and pampering. 

Our modern society has us in fight or flight response most of our lives, unless we learn how to nourish the rest and digest relaxation response from our parasympathetic nervous system. Learning how to integrate joy, rest, and play are just as vital as doing, creating, and tasking. Harmony means internal calm and tranquility. This is exactly what you will discover and cultivate with our wellness packages.

2 hour Wellness Package includes: 

$149 Investment in health and harmony 

3 hour Wellness Package includes: 

$249 investment in health and harmony 

Please call (813) 540-1202 or email Dina at dina@zoeyogifestyle.com for more info or to book your wellness spa package today!