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Zoe Yoga Kuro Poodle

Kuro the poodle is known at the ZOE studio by all our beloved students.

Kuro by nature is a therapy dog. He had this knack for knowing when people are sad, in pain, etc. He has formed a special bond with each person at Zoe Yoga Studio and students ask for him to be present in private sessions and classes. His love and tenderness reaches sometimes far beyond what even I can understand. As an empath myself he has the same ability to see into people, regardless of what they may say or don’t say.

On a routine walk, our boy was viciously attacked by a pack of five dogs.

My friend, who was taking him through the neighborhood when I was at work, was met by these 3 stray pitbulls, and 2 additional dogs of mixed breed. Though my friend picked Kuro off the ground when he saw them charging, the dogs pulled my friend down. My friend fell to the ground with Kuro.

Fortunately, several other people passed by in the Tampa Heights community and they helped take the dogs off Kuro and my friend long enough for them to escape.

Kuro somehow survived and by Gods grace, my friend was not badly hurt, but Kuro was and is recovering. Kuro had deep pieces of flesh missing from his head, neck, deep tissue damage on his hind legs, and his tail is deeply severed. The attack left bruising on his lungs, and deep bite wounds covering most of his body. He was rushed to the vet for surgery. We were told Kuros recovery will be difficult, given the significant and severe wounds. 

Donations covered Kuro’s vet bills. We are so grateful!

Zoe Yoga Poodle in Recovery
Kuro in Recovery

We are so blessed at how Tampa community rallied via GoFundme to make sure his vet bills were covered from the attack. His story even made the news! He is recovering beautifully although it is a miracle he survived! Kuro’s strength and grace shine though. His sweet demeanor has not changed at all and seems to carry no memory of the past. Go Kuro!