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Happy Holidays! 

Just wanted to share some of my favorite things with you all & some out of the box gift ideas as well! Gift giving is an art, but remember it’s the thought that counts most! 

1. Time, Presence and Love

The only things better than a physical gift is your time, presence and love. I’m also a big believer in experiences over gifts with loved ones but who doesn’t love a gift? 

2. Heath and Wellness with Yoga or Essential Oils

Gift a private Iyengar yoga private session, class package, Essential Oil experience, deep relaxation, or customize your own experience to gift! Health & wellness are a real gift in these times.

3. Great Smelling Products from a Local Business

Lufka products like their soy non toxic candles, room and body sprays, soaps, are some of my favorite gifts to give. They can make personalized gift baskets as well! Lufka has three locations, Seminole Heights, South Tampa, Wesley Chapel. https://lufka.com/

3. Young Living Essential Oils for Mental and Emotional Wellness

Young Living Essential Oils make great personalized gifts depending on what your loved one is in need of. Check out my top five oils for December and shop via my link below! 

Mental, emotional wellness are exceptional gifts to give. 

4. Yueng Pueblo’s Poetry and Wisdom

For the poetry & mindfulness lovers all of Yueng Pueblo’s books are so beautifully written. Daily nuggets of wisdom. I love clarity & connection, & Inward. Found at Target and Amazon. 

5. Protecting loved ones from electro smog or tech smog is so important these days! 

One simple way to lower radiation via phones and WiFi is with memon technology. I have a chip on my cell phone and the wrist band is so easily worn If you place an order let them know in the notes Dina sent you! They are a wonderful small business. 


6. For yogi friends gift them with a home starter kit for daily practice!

I wrote a blog on my favorite ones at different prices for all budgets. Also in blogs section below 

7. Plants are always a good idea and last much longer than flowers.

They help oxygenate homes, offices, and keep us in touch with nature. Don’t forget to shop mom n pop stores in your neighborhood! They usually have much better cared for plants than big chain ones. 

8. For the wine lover:

Go see my friend Robert at Bayou Bodega on Davis Island!

He taught me all about Georgian wine, which btw is the cradle of wine civilization in history!  Not American Georgia but the one far, far away on the other side of the world. He has a beautiful collection of natural wines with NO SULFITES! His restaurant’s chef is straight from Paris, and the food is so full of flavor!

9. Sound bath experience with Esmerelda every 3rd Friday of the month can be gifted to your loved one.

Crystal bowl healing is a subtle but powerful way to release tension, unlock stuck emotions and clear the emotional & energy body. Restorative yoga is included as well as an incredible experience into the healing power of sound.  Ask me how to gift this! 

10. For the tea lovers!

I am completely in love with Te Bella and all their unique teas! You can order online, they have the cutest tea cups, tea sets, tea holiday sets of various loose leaf teas of the season. My favorites are black tea lavender, Peppermint Bark, apple cider chai, carrot cake blend, sleep tea blends and so much more! 

Tea wonderland! https://tebellatea.com/